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    Camera on MAC - Safari

    Hello! We are not able to capture camera from SAFARI on MACBOOK: NOTE: On Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge - 100% working [Log] 18:14:06 INFO webrtc - – {audio: true, video: {width: {min: 320, max: 640}, height: {min: 240, max: 480}, frameRate: {ideal: 30}}, customStream: undefined}...
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    Audio Only stream not working on Firefox

    Hi Max, We have found an issue and tested that on We streaming our service using chrome using the following constraints. {audio:true, video:false} We have been contacted by some users who use Firefox to listen to our feed. They have complained that they can't hear any...
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    Video Resolution 16:9 not 4:3

    Hello! We are facing an issue regarding video quality and size. How to adjust to webcam and desktop sharing be forced to use 16:9 not 4:3? Regards, Rafael