Audio Only stream not working on Firefox

Azhar Ali

Hi Max,

We have found an issue and tested that on We streaming our service using chrome using the following constraints. {audio:true, video:false}
We have been contacted by some users who use Firefox to listen to our feed. They have complained that they can't hear any audio.

Here is the scenario.
Using chrome and the media devices example, untick send video and only send audio and start streaming, Play the stream and you should be able to hear the stream.
Open Firefox (latest) and use the player example and use the same stream name and play, no sound comes but stream plays.

Also if you redo the test and send the video, then it works. So the issue is only if there is audio-only stream.

I am pretty sure this use to work and it seems like some FF updates have caused the issue.

Any idea of fixing this?


Staff member
Good day.
This is a well known issue. If you're streaming with constraints: {audio:true, video: false}, you must play the stream with the same constraints.
You can check it on demo server using Media Device example in latest Firefox. Please do the following:
- publish audio only stream from Chrome as you done above
- open Media Device example in Firefox, untick Play video

set the stream name and click Play
- audio only stream will play

So, in your own code, you shold set constraints for stream playback like this
    name: streamName,
    display: remoteVideo,
    constraints: {audio: true, video: false}
}).on(STREAM_STATUS.PENDING, function (stream) {