1. PinoRossi

    Advice on EC2 plan to support video calls for 300 concurrent users.

    Hello there, I have this necessity, embed 6 ways video conference room in a game room project. There will be 2000 users daily, so I guess we can consider 200/400 concurrent video calls (in 6 players rooms). What kind of EC2 cut would you suggest? Or would you suggest other solutions? Cheers Pino
  2. A

    Embed player cannot be played in China

    I streamed my webcam and used Embed player to play it on my webpage. The streaming webpage can be played normally in countries outside of China. How can I make my streaming page available in China?
  3. M

    WCS EC2 Server type recommendation

    Hi community, I was wondering if someone can recommend a AWS server that will be able to scale. Let me explain, First I'll start to publish around 10 streams (720p-60fps). Each stream might connect to 2-3 users at a time a few times per days. Stream are published 24/24-7/7 The amount of...