WCS EC2 Server type recommendation


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Hi community,

I was wondering if someone can recommend a AWS server that will be able to scale.
Let me explain,

First I'll start to publish around 10 streams (720p-60fps).
Each stream might connect to 2-3 users at a time a few times per days.
Stream are published 24/24-7/7

The amount of published stream will increase over time and maybe get to a 100 streams.

I was wondering if there is any kind of instance that will scale and also provide enough internet bandwidth for my project.

Thanks for your help !


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According to our tests, the c4.large instance showed a speed of about 500 mbps.
This instance may be enough for your task without scaling.

But, if necessary, you can use the CDN with automatic scaling and load balancing.
More on setup in this article