server configuration

  1. G

    Configuration WCS livestream up to 300 streams ON AWS EC2

    Hello. I use WCS on AWS service, And I have one question to ask. How can I config WCS on AWS service to livestream up to 300 streams in one time ? Also, I want to know recommend package for up to 200 livestreams that I should use for WCS on AWS service. Please advice. Gain
  2. S


    Добрый день hetnzer закрыл 8444 - как его правильно поменять на другой чтобы сервер корректно отдавал инфу?
  3. H

    Best server for flashphoner? Budget: 2.000 €

    Hey guys, we want to buy a server (ubuntu) to integrate flashphoner in our LAN. Do you have any hints, how the best server for this usecase would look like? I assume much CPU power? There will by only ubuntu and flashphoner on this server – nothing else. We have around 60 cameras in our lan...
  4. R

    production конфиг

    Добрый день подскажите какие параметры нужны в конфигурации для production только голосовых чатов.
  5. G

    flashphoner server - Not able to connect

    Hi, We followed below document to install flashphoner and we are using 30 day trial licence. But when we tried accessing on browser, its not connecting. ( is public IP) Can you please let us know what might be wrong? Installed file...
  6. appsgenii

    Best Practices Configurations.

    We are facing an issue with live streaming it stops broadcasting as the number of users increases and we have to restart the server then it works again. Can you please guide me if there is any best configuration that needs to implement for maximum users? I have also upgraded my server with...
  7. M

    Master Origin server is unresponsive

    Hi, My stream server setup: WCS Version: 5.2.699 Using Origin and edge server combination and one individual server as master origin which acts as source for other origin servers. This setup is working fine for almost more than 6months. From yesterday, my master origin server seems to be...
  8. S

    configure rest hook in config file

    Hi, I'm building my docker image on top of the official flashphoner one. Today to configure rest hooks I need to add a custom ssh commands that uses CLI. I was wondering whether it is possible to configure defaultApp via a config file or something like that? Also, do you consider that the...
  9. S

    WCS config troubleshooting

    Hi, I am having some issues with the embedded player and RTSP stream. When I'm testing your WCS server against the RTSP stream it works properly, but when I'm testing the same RTSP stream against my WCS server, the stream shows for a split of a second and then freezes (status is PLAYING). I'm...
  10. M

    WCS EC2 Server type recommendation

    Hi community, I was wondering if someone can recommend a AWS server that will be able to scale. Let me explain, First I'll start to publish around 10 streams (720p-60fps). Each stream might connect to 2-3 users at a time a few times per days. Stream are published 24/24-7/7 The amount of...
  11. M

    Max number of members in Conference

    Hi, I would like to know that how many number of members can perform server based audio video conference? What is the server requirement for 100 users? My question is related to webRTC users? Thanks MA
  12. M

    Update the WCS Server

    Hi Everyone, I finally get the perfect setup for my server. Now I need to do an update and I don't want to break either my properties config file or the certificates that I manually imported. What would be the best way to update in order to keep all my setting as it was. I'm updating from...
  13. A

    Flashphoner Limitations

    Hi I have purchased a flashphoner license and made an android app using it I would like to know what the limitations are. Namely Will the server support multiple video calls at the same time? What is the maximum number of users I can have in a lobby who are not using video call? If all these...
  14. Nikitos

    хочу стать клиентом

    Добрый день! хочу стать вашим клиентом, но, к сожалению, имеются проблемы в мат части программирования, пожалуйста, помогите их заполнить для того, что бы я стал вашим клиентом 1) для того, что бы мне делать захват экрана с помощью web call server - мне нужен отдельный выделеный сервер на...