Flashphoners breaks every few days!


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We love Flashphoner and have a server for already a year.

Sometimes flashphoner stoped working. All stream which were currently running worke great, but no new clients can connect to the streams. There will be always an error We use the embedded player with rtsp streams and mostly reolink cameras.

In the past we had this problem every couple of month. Now this problems occures every few days!

We made no changes at Flashphoner itselve. The only thing which changed is, that we added 6 more cameras to our local network.

When ist stops working we restart the server with „./shutdown.sh“ and „./startup.sh“. After this everything works great again for the next few days.

I relly hope that you can help us. Like this we cant use Flashphoner anymore ☹


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1. Please check Java Heap settings first.

2. If server is hanging again, please do the following:

/usr/bin/jstack PID > jstack.txt
Here PID is pid of server process if the process alive
pidof java
Send us jstack.txt for analysing.

3. Send us SSH access to server. We will check logs.
Private form for sending SSH access

4. Prepare report and send us via the same Private form.

5. Update to the latest Release version i.e. 5.2.1567.
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Thanks, I will try these hints.
By the way. Your great and extremely fast support is the main reason why we decided to use Flasphoner ;)