elastic ip

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    How to setup Web call server5

    Hi, I have setup Web Call Server 5 on EC2 from AWS Marketplace. My server has created with private IP but latter I have attached Elastic IP. However, I am not able to access control panel and demo page. https://Elastic_IP:8888 Please help in the setup. Thanks,
  2. Pin

    Problem with WCS on AWS E2

    Hi, First, I'm newbie on AWS. I have setup EC2 with Elastic IP and new domain name. Both are work as normal, it can access from the internet. But, I have problem on Streamer menu after Start, it runing the error "Failed by ICE timeout" Here is all allowed inbound ports. Please advice...
  3. aledg

    https custom domain AWS

    Hi guys, I've set my WCS server on AWS and test it with public DNS like https://aws-dnspublic-domain:8888 - DONE (with invalid certificate SSL) I've set my custom domain like wcs.mydomain.com:8888 - DONE (with invalid certificate SSL) I've set my let's encrypt certificate inside WCS dashboard...