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Hi guys,
  1. I've set my WCS server on AWS and test it with public DNS like https://aws-dnspublic-domain:8888 - DONE (with invalid certificate SSL)
  2. I've set my custom domain like - DONE (with invalid certificate SSL)
  3. I've set my let's encrypt certificate inside WCS dashboard - DONE

If I try to open I can't use my certificate for https custom domain
I need to do other inside AWS EC2 console?

For the moment I don't have Load Balancer and I don't want to setup it.
I want only to access to my WCS server in https with a valid certificate without error

Please can you help me?


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I solve the problem with ssl now I can connect to the problems were 2

  1. it was necessary to restart the server
  2. I mistake the port on the ssl domain you have to use 8444

Now I have another problem.
If I try to test Two-way Streaming it doesn't work

Session is not initialized or terminated on play ordinary stream
after without SSL it work fine...

In attach one screen of the error...



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Please provide SSH access to your AWS server. We will check.

1. Make sure ip and ip_local settings are correct


ip - public IP of Amazon AWS Instance
ip_local - private IP Amazon AWS Instance

2. Make sure UDP ports in range [31000-32000] are open
Check AWS security group settings and open all TCP and UDP ports for testing.

You can also launch pre-configured AWS instance using AWS Marketplace image
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I solved today thank you now work fine. It was a problem with elastic pool IP. But now is done.