1. M

    letsencrypt iOS certificate failing wss

    Hi all, it seems that something has changed with letsencrypt last night. Our apps that use Flashphoner on iOS has stopped working and we have many customers complaints. We have renewed the SSL certifcate succesfully but the iOS app still fails. To be exact we have this error message: Websocket...
  2. A

    SSL renewal

    Hi I am trying to renew my SSL by using the Certbot but getting the certificate but the following Msg, kindly assist [root@xms tools]# ./certbot-auto Your system is not supported by certbot-auto anymore. certbot-auto and its Certbot installation will no longer receive updates. You will not...
  3. D

    SSL certification on EC2 for AWS

    Hello, I'm trying to install a SSL certificate to my application. I can acess to it from . When I try to create a certificate for the server "" it ask me for a email validation to...
  4. I

    SSL issue

    Hello, my SSL certificates recently expired (autossl generated using hostgator cpanel), so I imported the new ones using the flashphoner web admin, following the same steps I did the first time I installed wcs. I didn't get any errors on the import, but now nothing is working. I am getting the...
  5. Z

    Проблема с установкой LetsEncrypt

    Добрый день! Подскажите, кто сталкивался, ОС Centos 8, при установке letsEncrypt выдаёт следующую ошибку No match for argument: python27-devel No match for argument: python27-virtualenv No match for argument: python27-tools No match for argument: python27-pip Package...
  6. sslerror01

    ssl error

    Webplayer doesn't load in my website because of secure connection. I tried to change the ssl with cloudflare and letsencrypt but it didn't work. I followed these steps...
  7. J

    HTTPServerHandler Error in server log

    Hi, May I know what does the below error mean: 03:05:43,603 ERROR HttpServerHandler - HTTPS-pool-4-thread-22 HTTP error not an SSL/TLS record: 0300002f2ae00000000000436f6f6b69653a206d737473686173683d41646d696e697374720d0a0100080003000000 at...
  8. R2D2

    SSL и Android

    Добрый день, некоторые наши тестовые пользователи сообщают что у них нет соединения нашего приложения с сервисом. Хотя интернет на устройстве присутствует. Как правило Android режет незашифрованный трафик, если правила безопасности соединения не указаны в манифесте. Конечно, у нас приобретен ssl...
  9. G

    Flashphoner Error

    Hi, The wss url (wss:// is not working, it's failing while connect. If is there also any support mail id, please share. Error log: Received fatal alert: certificate_unknown at...
  10. Fiji

    Не работает rest api rest-api/pull/pull при нагрузочном тестировании

    Добрый день. Есть два сервера, первый с полной лицензией, второй с демо. 1. Публикую поток video1 на первом сервере wss://server1.priv:8443 2. в приложении streaming/console добавляю свои два сервера, захожу на второй сервер 3. Нажимаю Pull stream задаю параметры WCS address...
  11. alexey

    SSL сертификаты: Сервер не смотрит в файл wss.jks

    Добрый день! задача: Требуется обновлять сертификаты letsencrypt и автоматически генерировать wss.jks используем скрипт используем инструкцию по keytool и выпуску сертификатов
  12. kip9696

    WebRTC is not visible in provider

    Hi! I am currently making an WebRTC player, If I create a player on the local server, WebRTC looks good But WebRTC is not visible when I upload the source to the server Please refer to picture below [local] [server] The source and connection environment of both are the same Answer please...
  13. A

    Unable to access server after ssl cert update

    Hi there, We tried to update the (Letsencrypt) SSL certificate on the server, after doing that we are unable to access the WCS main webpage on 8444 port neither from LAN nor from domain name ... kindly assist Thanks for assistance AB
  14. Al_Ku

    iPad не подключается к WCS

    Здравствуйте! Имеется свежая установка WCS v. Установлен на VPS CentOS 7. Демонстрационная лицензия. Демонстрационные приложения в Chrome в CentOS и Android открываются и работают нормально (тестирую two way streaming). При открытии...
  15. S

    Cloudflare DNS for webcallserver

    When we put the DNS of a webcallserver domain on Cloudflare, will it still work? Cloudflare uses its own certificates for domains and proxied ip's. How will this affect WCS ? Will it still be necessary to import a certificate in WCS and how can we do this if we do not have control over the SSL...
  16. V

    Install error

    Hi there!, I´m trying to install like on the previous versions and I´m getting an error with the last one. I´m installing from your EC2 AMI, everything fine, but then calling certbot get this error: [ec2-user@ip-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX- tools]$ ./certbot-auto certonly --debug Sorry, I don't know how to...
  17. aledg

    https custom domain AWS

    Hi guys, I've set my WCS server on AWS and test it with public DNS like https://aws-dnspublic-domain:8888 - DONE (with invalid certificate SSL) I've set my custom domain like - DONE (with invalid certificate SSL) I've set my let's encrypt certificate inside WCS dashboard...
  18. T

    Security problem only on smartphones?

    Hello and thanks in advance for reading, newbie here. Of all the player options I feel more comfortable with the iframe embed because I couldn't get the other ones to work (I tried, and I recognize I must be doing something wrong). Well, currently I'm using this: <iframe...
  19. Srikanth

    I would like to integrate Flashphoner in Angular 5.

    I am getting this error, Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID. But in java-script trial version is working fine. But giving error in Angular(Typescript) Please help
  20. M

    SSL Certificat import through web interface

    Hi, I have some trouble importing my SSL certificate through the web browser interface. I bought a domain and attached a certificate to it. I'm running the server on a CentoOS server. I can Upload my certificat but it doesn't seems that it does anything. I changed my IP to my domain name...