Encrypted SSL Certificate file

Arif Butt

Hi there

The customer (a financial institute) wants to use Encrypted SSL certificate files for WCS, but when we try to upload this file it gives an error, however the unencrypted SSL file works OK, kindly let us know what's the process and how to upload the Encrypted SSL certificate file....



Staff member

When you upload SSL files, WCS does import these files into single file /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/conf/wss.jks
Even if you upload Encrypted SSL files, you would need to upload decryption password too.
Therefore Upload works with un-ecnrypted SSL only. As you can see, there is no password field in the Uploading UI.
So encrypted upload is not supported.

Well. You can upload Encrypted SSL to server manually, i.e. using scp or SSH client.
Anyway you would need to know decryption password to import your decrypted SSL files into wss.jks according to this instruction:

Yes you can import encrypted SSL files into wss.jks using keytool.
However encrypted wss.jks is not supported and won't work.

We raise a ticket related Encrypted certificates.

However it has a low priority and may take a long time.

Please note. Even If ticket is implemented you have to pass decryption password each time when you restart WCS, as it is being done by Apache or other web servers using encrypted SSL files.