letsencrypt iOS certificate failing wss


Hi all,
it seems that something has changed with letsencrypt last night. Our apps that use Flashphoner on iOS has stopped working and we have many customers complaints.
We have renewed the SSL certifcate succesfully but the iOS app still fails. To be exact we have this error message:
Websocket connection failed with error Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-9807

Android works fine.

Any suggestion to solve this situation?

Thanks in advance


Staff member
We would not recommend letsencrypt in production. Just purchase an SSL certificate like this (namecheap.com/security/ssl-certificates/) for your domain and forget SSL issues for 1-3 years.

Perhaps the iOS system you are testing does not know about certificate authority that issued the certificate. So you have to use certificates issued by old and trusted authorities as it is possible. In such a case there is a chance the certificate will be trusted in almost all operation systems.


Thanks Max,
we have made it work again changing the certificate but still using letsencrypt. Now we use the full chain and it seems that if fixed the issue