1. Mik

    Не пишется видео-поток с android firefox

    Добрый день Один и тот же телефон, android 10, chrome - порядок, firefox stable/firefox beta - поток не пишется. Клиентский лог с ошибками прилагаю. P.S. Сервер 5.2.789
  2. S

    Publish not working on Firefox after update to FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.2.859

    Publishing does not work anymore after updating the WCS server version to 5.2.859. Steps to reproduce: 1. Use 2 way streaming example on demo 2. Click Connect button (result ok) 3. Click Publish button (fails) An error message appears: FAILED Browser error detected: The object can not be found...
  3. K

    Firefox on iPhone

    Hello, Does Web SDK work in Firefox on iOS? In "Streamer" example we get "FAILED: Local error" message (see attachment), and in our project we get the following error:
  4. V

    Flasphoner webrtc not playing in the Firefox.

    When I try to play the webrtc stream in Firefox it is not playing. The status in the player remains Established. I added the config rtc_ice_add_local_interface=true as mentioned here Still, it is...
  5. sebastien

    Firefox issue

    Hi I build a conference call and its work in chrome, opera, safari, samsung internet but in Firefox i have some issues. First of all i have secured the server with an ssl key. The problem that I have is when I use Firefox and I join an existing room the session disconnect often. It reconnects...
  6. R

    Screen Share - High CPU usage

    Hello! We are experience on different hardwares and user locations high CPU usage once user start screenshare application. Browsers tested: Chrome & Firefox Most of time, users report 100% CPU. Is there any kind of tunning?
  7. M

    WebRTC stream not publishing in Firefox

    Hi, WebRTC Stream publishing in firefox getting failed whereas it works in Chrome. When I checked with server logs, the stream failed due to "ICE timeout" Please check the log messages below: 07:23:24,610 INFO Component - STUN-UDP-pool-44-thread-63 Add remote candidate for...