1. hyuk

    FlashphonerWebCallServer cannot be started from user flashphoner, please fix the permissions to the folders or run 'webcallserver set-permissions'!

    I have flashphoner 5.2.1555 version installed. Error starting server using flashphoner user. "FlashphonerWebCallServer cannot be started from user flashphoner, please fix the permissions to the folders or run 'webcallserver set-permissions'!" sudo ./webcallserver set-permissions I tried using...
  2. KaranBhansali91

    Web interface not accessible after updating

    Hi, is not accessible , how to check it is working using command line?
  3. K

    Support for install WCS in Ubuntu Desktop

    Hi, Is it officially supported to install and run WCS on Ubuntu Desktop as opposed to Ubuntu Server? We have a number of customers and employees who are not familiar with Linux and providing them with the desktop GUI would make our deployment process much easier than the pure CLI server OS...
  4. ajaydeep

    I am not able to createstream

    I am working on localhost now , connecting web socket , but on node server , how create Session will established because I don't have any code except web socket on server side Code attached here
  5. G

    RTSP is not working with my server but running with demo flashphoner server

    My RTSP streaming getting failed with my WebCallServer 5.2.970. But when I checked it with the demo server, it's working fine. I have filed the remote support form also. Please help? Server Details: EC2 Instance - c5.large OS - Ubuntu WebCallServer - 5.2.970
  6. Aram


    lashphoner не инициализируется и выводит мне эту ошибку Как решить эту проблему? Взаимодействие с другими людьми
  7. J

    Imposible to install Flashphoner in Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS

    Hi, is possible to get into a more detailed guide about how to install manually Flashphoner on Ubuntu, I only found docs to install it on CentOS. I tried by Docker and directly into the server. For now will be better to install directly on the server. I followed this: 1. Unpack archive: tar...
  8. R

    Installation issue

    I have successfully installed FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.2.597 on my CentOS server by following the guidelines at Now when I run the command service webcallserver start I get the error Failed to...