jdk 8

  1. D

    High CPU utilization after undefined events

    Hi, We observe high jumps in the loading of the CPU process from the Flashphoner. The problem occurs either on all servers at once or on several nodes separately. Undefined events take place in the interval 00:00 - 01:00 UTС on all servers, after the events, the use of the processor by the...
  2. A

    Java version

    Hi there, We have an offline license of WCS installed with java version "1.8.0_161" and it was running OK, but somehow an update was run and updated the java to java version "1.8.0_282" and now the WCS page is not appearing although it is showing that the service is running but no listening...
  3. J

    High CPU usage on web call server even without any streaming session

    I noticed web call server consistently use up high CPU resource in my server even though there is no on going streaming session; wonder how I can tune it.
  4. J

    HTTPServerHandler Error in server log

    Hi, May I know what does the below error mean: 03:05:43,603 ERROR HttpServerHandler - HTTPS-pool-4-thread-22 HTTP error javax.net.ssl.SSLException: not an SSL/TLS record: 0300002f2ae00000000000436f6f6b69653a206d737473686173683d41646d696e697374720d0a0100080003000000 at...
  5. D

    WCS at 100% CPU, streaming doesn't work anymore

    Hi, I'm running the latest version of WCS and right when I start it up it sends the CPU to 100% and it stays there. I have a camera that used to stream fine but now it doesn't stream through WCS at all- the player says "failed" around 20 seconds after clicking on it. The server can ping the...
  6. fabiojapa

    Webm problem on Google Chrome

    I am having some problems on stream recording of webm video. The record is ok, but after some time the problem start: The webm is recorded, but don't play in Google Chrome. The same webm file works fine in Firefox. I need to restart de Flashphoner WCS, and the problem is solved. But after some...
  7. J

    Imposible to install Flashphoner in Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS

    Hi, is possible to get into a more detailed guide about how to install manually Flashphoner on Ubuntu, I only found docs to install it on CentOS. I tried by Docker and directly into the server. For now will be better to install directly on the server. I followed this: 1. Unpack archive: tar...