key frames

  1. yeprem

    Video loading time issue

    Hello We have a video loading time issue. Sometimes video loads in less than 5 seconds and sometimes it take more than 15 seconds Our clients want to video loading time to be around 5 seconds. Please give a solution, we are Premium user. looking forward to your reply, i's very urgent.
  2. L

    Add VOD file to mixer delay

    Hi I am trying to setup VOD stream in a way that once it start playing, the file is added straight into the mixer so we can stream it via RTMP(I know we can stream directly to RTMP without the mixer, however you will understand later in the post why we need to use the mixer). Steps Below: 1...
  3. Sava

    Продолжительная прогрузка(задержка) видео при первичном запросе

    Добрый день! Долгая прогрузка видео(задержка) при первичном запросе, продолжительность варируеться от 10 секунд до 1 минуты; При это качество видео и другие характеристи, отрабатывают согласно требованиям. С чем это связано?
  4. N

    What can I do to make connecting and start playing faster

    The average time it takes from page load to seeing a picture in the video is 7 seconds on my end. How can I lessen this? Is there a setting to fine tune the create session pang play video process so it loads faster?