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    We are seeing the following messages in our logs: 10:14:39,779 INFO bstractNioWorkerPool - HLS-HTTPS-BOSS-pool-29-thread-1 Workers size 144 Cemetery size 564 index:id:state:dead_for_ms 0:HLS-HTTPS-pool-30-thread-427:BLOCKED:745274 1:HLS-HTTPS-pool-30-thread-201:BLOCKED:1416971...
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    Screen Share - High CPU usage

    Hello! We are experience on different hardwares and user locations high CPU usage once user start screenshare application. Browsers tested: Chrome & Firefox Most of time, users report 100% CPU. Is there any kind of tunning?
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    cpu load is high

    I am using screen sharing feature of flashphoner and after 20 sharing screen it has increased my server load. There is no other application running on this server only flashphone is installed. kindly provide the solution. Server is 4 core and 16gb ram 8gb is allocated as you advised but load...