1. KaranBhansali91

    How to reduce post processing of recorded file in room ?

    Hi, We are using mixer to create room session(one participant) with recording enabled , after end of room session , multi-recorder___dummy.mp4 generates the multi-recorder___dummy_mixed.mp4 , however flashphoner is taking too much time to generate the mixed file. For example 30 minutes...
  2. D

    Problem with multi-record(VP8 codec)

    Hello, We faced a problem when recording a "multi-record" from a Pixel 6 phone(missing video/audio track), during the reasirching we found out what comes from the device stream with the VP8 video codec: { ... "name" : "challenger826", "published" : true, "hasVideo" : true, "hasAudio" ...
  3. djuka

    Conference record policy template

    Hi, 1) I use property 'stream_record_policy_template' for my stream recordings on the WCS. Is there a similar parameter to determine the conference recording filename template? 2) Is it possible to determine the different recording directory for conference recordings and not to use 'record_dir'...
  4. P

    Идентификация стримов при multiple stream recording

    Добрый день. Подскажите, пожалуйста, как можно определить какие видео и аудио дорожки в файле, записанном multi-recorder, к каким входным стримам относятся ? ffprobe (ffmpeg) не показывает подобной информации.