1. hyuk

    record issue

    hi.. The video was transmitted normally, but there is no saved video, so please contact us. The video was transmitted from the room with the room name 230524G8zIGOsk and the transmitted video was confirmed. But there is no saved video. Is there anything that could be the cause? The video...
  2. KaranBhansali91

    How to reduce post processing of recorded file in room ?

    Hi, We are using mixer to create room session(one participant) with recording enabled , after end of room session , multi-recorder___dummy.mp4 generates the multi-recorder___dummy_mixed.mp4 , however flashphoner is taking too much time to generate the mixed file. For example 30 minutes...
  3. D

    Problem with multi-record(VP8 codec)

    Hello, We faced a problem when recording a "multi-record" from a Pixel 6 phone(missing video/audio track), during the reasirching we found out what comes from the device stream with the VP8 video codec: { ... "name" : "challenger826", "published" : true, "hasVideo" : true, "hasAudio" ...
  4. djuka

    Conference record policy template

    Hi, 1) I use property 'stream_record_policy_template' for my stream recordings on the WCS. Is there a similar parameter to determine the conference recording filename template? 2) Is it possible to determine the different recording directory for conference recordings and not to use 'record_dir'...
  5. P

    Идентификация стримов при multiple stream recording

    Добрый день. Подскажите, пожалуйста, как можно определить какие видео и аудио дорожки в файле, записанном multi-recorder, к каким входным стримам относятся ? ffprobe (ffmpeg) не показывает подобной информации.