1. ser

    Транскодер за NAT

    Здравствуйте у нас есть транскодер в приватной сети RU региона #server ip ip ip_local #ip_local = #webrtc ports range media_port_from =31001 media_port_to =32000...
  2. S

    "Stopped by session disconnect"

    We are having a issue streaming externally on customer network. We had all firewalls disabled and captured a good working internal scenario and a failed external scenario. Logs are showing this when failing: OBJECT: { "nodeId" : "mB8C1N1RLLpg0D1KI1xl87rX1RduM7BD@", "appKey"...
  3. M

    Publish failed from global network

    Hi, I am facing an issue while i am accessing the server from global network. The demo page says that publish failed. I have attached properties file and log file also. From local network publish stream is established successfully. Kindly assist. Thanks MA
  4. M

    Stream feed working locally but not remote

    Hi, I recently deployed a WC5 server on a Centos Machine installed on my local network. Everything is fine when I connect to the server with a computer located on my local network. I can access the demo web server on port 8444. I fill the player with wss:// and the stream key...
  5. М

    Не воспроизводится с видео из внешней сети

    Добрый день! Установлен WCS5.2, лицензия Trial Задача: несколько RTSP потоков из внутренней сети 10.1.0.x нужно просматривать как снаружи так и внутри сети. С компьютеров внутренней сети все работает отлично, с внешней выдает Failed by ICE timeout При этом если указываю в качестве ip_local...