Stream feed working locally but not remote


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I recently deployed a WC5 server on a Centos Machine installed on my local network.

Everything is fine when I connect to the server with a computer located on my local network.
I can access the demo web server on port 8444.
I fill the player with wss:// and the stream key and it works perfectly.

On a computer located on another network.
I can access the demo web server on port with https://ServerPublicAdress:8444, no issues.
But when I try to see the stream on the player with wss://ServerPublicAdress:8443 it starts to load but I get a failed after a few second.

I double-checked my router setting and I can guarantee that I did all the port forwarding according to the following documentation (point nr.9):

Is there anything I'm missing ?

Thanks for your help Guy's !



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1. First of all check WCS_HOME/conf/ config
ip={your external NAT IP address}
ip_local={IP address of network card, i.e. or}
2. To get this working both from local and from external connections, add line
rtc_ice_add_local_interface = true
Then check server logs WCS_HOME/logs/server_logs/flashphoner.log
This log should print remote SDP containing both ip addresses: remote and local (network card).