1. N

    failed to get media devices

    устройство Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 браузер MiuiBrowser 13.19.2 На странице Media Devices появляется ошибка Failed to get media devices, доступы к камере и микрофону для браузера есть, подскажите, пожалуйста в чем может быть проблема?
  2. hyuk

    Is there a way to transmit the video by converting the screen 90 degrees when transmitting the video?

    Hi, Is there a way to transmit the video by converting the screen 90 degrees when transmitting the video?
  3. L

    Access WebRTC stream using simple URL format

    Hi We are trying to configure an external application to pull a stream from the WCS server, but the only format accepted from the external application is: wss://mystream.ngrok.io/audiostream Where audiostream is the unique stream name Is there a way to configure the WCS server to be able to...
  4. M

    Нет исходящего аудио-потока в Chrome

    Приветствую! Есть небольшой проект на основе примера Conference, на двух участников. Один из них с телефона, передаётся видео и аудио, второй с вэбки, передаётся только аудио. С телефоном всё хорошо, видео/аудио воспроизводится на вэбке. В обратную же сторону в Firefox звук с микрофона есть и...
  5. yeprem

    Video loading issue

    Hello Sometimes video is never loaded and we see this attached picture. Please help me fix this issue.
  6. sangsoo

    Problem when rotating the phone (90 degrees to the left) in Safari on iPhone (iOS16)

    Hello When the phone is rotated (left 90 degrees) in Safari on iPhone (iOS16), the phone cam looks distorted. A right 90 degree rotation is normal. - https://demo.flashphoner.com/client2/examples/demo/streaming/two_way_streaming/two_way_streaming.html ----- My WCS Version info-----...
  7. K

    If the network is disconnected during video transmission

    Hi, During video transmission, data may not come to the server due to unexpected circumstances such as the network. At this time, when I try find_all with restapi, the stream seems to disappear after about 60 seconds. Is that right ? If yes, is there any way to reduce that time?
  8. R

    Script error when we're streaming multiple cameras

    We are getting following error : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'currentTime') at t.<anonymous> (flashphoner.js:13277:140560) at n.emit (flashphoner.js:13272:221258) at n.trigger (flashphoner.js:13277:115555) at e.value (flashphoner.js:13277:119656)
  9. hyuk

    The ROOM_EVENT.PUBLISHED event occurred, but the video cannot be played.

    Hi, It may be a slightly vague question. I tested it on two flahphoner servers, but the results are wrong. Server A - 5.2.795 WCS, coturn server Server B - 5.2.945 WCS, coturn server When the "ROOM_EVENT.PUBLISHED" event occurs on the video receiving side, the participant's stream is played...
  10. hyuk

    Classification of participant's transmission type

    Hi, I am using the conference room api. Currently, it is divided into a participant who transmits video and a participant who transmits only audio. Participants who transmit only video are displayed on the screen and those who only transmit audio are hidden from the screen. To distinguish...
  11. P

    Мерцание в начале трансляции

    Доброго времени суток. В начале сессии трансляции на нашем ресурсе у ведущего и слушателя мерцает изображение. После обновления страницы всё работает нормально. Можете помочь с локализацией и/или устранением проблемы? Логи с fp-origin прикрепляю.
  12. P

    Asterisk with flashphoner simultaneous extention call not working and outbound call ring tone not playing

    Hello, We are using flashphoner with asterisk freepbx. We have two majer problem: 1. When extentions try to call eachother over flashphoner 2 or more simultaneous connection can't establish. Just one call can establish and others get not extention avaliable response. We tried similar scenario...
  13. DeanSLR

    Playing an RTSP stream via webRTC in local network

    Hello, I have the following topology: RTSP Stream1 | RTSP Stream2 | ----------> Server + WCS ----------> Client (Browser) RTSP Stream3 | RTSP Stream4 | I'm able to establish a connection to the WCS in the browser and view the stream when i'm on localhost. but in the LAN from another computer I...
  14. S

    Flashphoner.init() multiple times

    Hi! Using WebSDK, I use this init in "play live video" function: Flashphoner.init({ preferredMediaProviders:["MSE","WebRTC"] }); Then I've got another function to "stream live video" started by: Flashphoner.init(); Well, if I "stream live video" and then "play live video", the play video...
  15. A

    Звук на трансляции при выполнении inject/startup

    Проблема в том, что при запуске прямой трансляции с камеры (Android SDK) + параллельном запуске трансляции экрана смартфона, после inject/startup потока трансляции экрана в поток с основной камеры звук начинает очень сильно прерываться. Подскажите, inject/startup что со звуком делает?
  16. hyuk

    Internal turn question

    Hi, When using the internal turn server, it was confirmed that the port can only be used with tcp. As I checked while changing the options in flashphoner.properties, the turn server does not operate normally if the option ice_tcp_transport=true is set. Any reason?
  17. M

    SIP phone is working, Video Demos are not

    Hello! Since ages I am using the WCS for managing SIP phone calls. Also on the default demo dashboard I can use the SIP phone demo successfully. Also for ages I did not use any video streaming with the WCS (I think I did it successfully some years ago but I am not totally sure). But for a new...
  18. A

    Не паблишится стрим без включенного видео

    После обновления сервера стримов до версии 5.2.1083 не получается паблишить стрим только с включённым аудио
  19. Infernal_Rabbit

    Обрывы соединения и артефакты при трех и более людях

    Экземпляры запущены на виртуальных инстансах в Яндекс Клауд разных конфигураций машин от 4c/8g вплоть до 32c/64g Наблюдаются проблемы на 3 и более людей которые ведут стрим - картинка начинает сыпаться и пропадают кадры вплоть до 2 к\с. Проверялось на разных устройствах через встроенные утилиты...
  20. T

    Is there any example code on how to use Flashphoner WebCallServer JavaScript API (Web SDK) on reactJS?

    Is there any example code on how to use Flashphoner WebCallServer JavaScript API (Web SDK) on reactJS? https://www.npmjs.com/package/@flashphoner/websdk