1. A

    Failed by ICE timeout

    We have recently setup ICE server which is different from our existing WCS server. We decided to go for TURN server as web rtc was failing in some networks intermittently. When I try to create a media session with that ICE server, it times out saying failed by ICE timeout. But on the TURN server...
  2. C

    ICE candidates not sent by client

    How are the ICE candidates sent from the browser client to the server when using WebRTC? On the WebSocket, the playStream message is sent with "c=IN IP4" and there are no ICE candidates present. This is similar to the playStream example documented at...
  3. R

    Ice Servers

    Hello! Is this correct? We are using credentials from DEMO of FlashPhoner TURN function start() { //check if we already have session if (Flashphoner.getSessions().length > 0) { startStreaming(Flashphoner.getSessions()[0]); } else { //create session var url =...
  4. M

    Stream feed working locally but not remote

    Hi, I recently deployed a WC5 server on a Centos Machine installed on my local network. Everything is fine when I connect to the server with a computer located on my local network. I can access the demo web server on port 8444. I fill the player with wss:// and the stream key...
  5. М

    Не воспроизводится с видео из внешней сети

    Добрый день! Установлен WCS5.2, лицензия Trial Задача: несколько RTSP потоков из внутренней сети 10.1.0.x нужно просматривать как снаружи так и внутри сети. С компьютеров внутренней сети все работает отлично, с внешней выдает Failed by ICE timeout При этом если указываю в качестве ip_local...
  6. Artem

    Failed by ICE timeout

    Добрый день! На сервере идет несколько стримов. На одном из них часть пользователей начинает отваливаться с ошибкой Failed by ICE timeout и не могут переподключиться. На другом стриме в это время все нормально. В логах много такого...