ICE candidates not sent by client


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How are the ICE candidates sent from the browser client to the server when using WebRTC? On the WebSocket, the playStream message is sent with "c=IN IP4" and there are no ICE candidates present. This is similar to the playStream example documented at I assume this is because trickle ICE is being used, but I never see any candidates sent on the WebSocket after the playStream message is sent. The code in webrtc-media-provider.js listens for the onicecandidate event on line 157, but the event handler only logs the message "Added icecandidate:" to the console.

If the ICE candidates are not sent to Web Call Server, how does the server know which IP address and port to send the UDP packets to when sending a stream to the client?


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Please read here about STUN procedure in latest WCS builds (it is the same for IPv4 and IPV6 candidates if enabled)