1. M

    ICE Timeout on AWS Marketplace AMI

    Hi, I am trying to stream in AWS EC2 by using Market place AMI (https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B07ZVRPH5G?qid=1599065528391&sr=0-1&ref_=srh_res_product_title). I can successfully publish stream but when I installed turnserver (coturn), I can't and it always fails with message "Failed by...
  2. A

    Failed by ICE timeout

    We have recently setup ICE server which is different from our existing WCS server. We decided to go for TURN server as web rtc was failing in some networks intermittently. When I try to create a media session with that ICE server, it times out saying failed by ICE timeout. But on the TURN server...
  3. C

    ICE candidates not sent by client

    How are the ICE candidates sent from the browser client to the server when using WebRTC? On the WebSocket, the playStream message is sent with "c=IN IP4" and there are no ICE candidates present. This is similar to the playStream example documented at...
  4. richard-vd

    freezes (but only when WCS output is UDP)

    My stream often freezes for a few seconds, while audio continues uninterrupted. It only happens when WCS outputs UDP, either directly using UDP WebRTC or even indirectly using the internal TURN server (in that case the only use of UDP is between TURN and WCS!). The same stream over TCP WebRTC or...
  5. R

    Ice Servers

    Hello! Is this correct? We are using credentials from DEMO of FlashPhoner TURN function start() { //check if we already have session if (Flashphoner.getSessions().length > 0) { startStreaming(Flashphoner.getSessions()[0]); } else { //create session var url =...