1. F

    Is there any way to play rtsp stream flutter webview?

    Hi :) I'm having trouble playing my rtsp stream via WCS webRTC in flutter webview. It seems like IOS device requires video and microphone permission even though it doesn't use them which is quite odd considering that no android devices require such permissions. Is there any possibilities that...
  2. R2D2

    Нет соединения с сервером у некоторых Android устройств

    Добрый день. начали тестировать приложение на разных устройтсвах- оказалось что некоторые устройства на Андройд (Honor, Redmi 8 Pro) почему то не имеют соединения с сервером WCS. Хотя в Манифесте все разрешения прописаны, запрошены и предоставлены: <uses-permission...
  3. Dani

    can't open steam on iphone 11 and 12 while in a phone call.

    Finally figured out the issue with iphone11 and iphone12 - and it is reproduced with your own demo. You can't publish a stream while using the phone (regular call).
  4. E

    FPWCSApi2Stream#play() causes the NSMicrophoneUsageDescription permission dialog to appear

    Hi. I'm using iOS SDK 2.5.2 // It is written in NativeScript(TypeScript), but it doesn't affect the nature of the problem. FPWCSApi2.createSessionError(sessionOptions) .onCallback(kFPWCSSessionStatus.Established, (session): void => { session.createStreamError(streamOptions).play(); })...