Is there any way to play rtsp stream flutter webview?


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Hi :)

I'm having trouble playing my rtsp stream via WCS webRTC in flutter webview.

It seems like IOS device requires video and microphone permission even though it doesn't use them which is quite odd considering that no android devices require such permissions.

Is there any possibilities that I can play my rtsp stream in webview through low latency hls or bypass this permission issue?

This is how I initialize my Flashphoner sdk

Flashphoner.init({ preferredMediaProviders: ['WebRTC', 'MSE'] });

I did wrap the initializing logic with try catch block but playing video is major function in my service.
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Is it possible to play video via webRTC and llhls at the same time?
Yes, you can play the same published stream using WebRTC and LL HLS simultaneously. For example, you can play WebRTC on desktop PC or Mac and LL HLS on mobile device. A frontend should decide what technology to use.