1. F

    rtsp.auth fails to connect

    Hello team. We're running a WebCallServer to embeb some RTSP streams from a couple DVR systems in our management tool. During the tests, from the WCS portal we can reach on the player tool the rtsp steam with the format rtsp://user:pass@dvr_ip:port/h264?device=cam_ip&channel&stream. This is...
  2. S

    "Stopped by session disconnect"

    We are having a issue streaming externally on customer network. We had all firewalls disabled and captured a good working internal scenario and a failed external scenario. Logs are showing this when failing: OBJECT: { "nodeId" : "mB8C1N1RLLpg0D1KI1xl87rX1RduM7BD@", "appKey"...
  3. Gabriel Soudry

    Unable to see rtsp stream, but stream correctly open in vlc

    Hello, We have a stream that we can read with vlc but not with flashphoner (latest version of flashphoner). Here are the logs when we open the stream : We have : SessionDebugService - Failed to parse ip from session id: flashphoner-staging-flashphoner-c67cd87fc-pgjb8 flashphoner 12:03:53,313...
  4. Gabriel Soudry

    MSE broken since FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.2.1408

    Hello, we have encountered while attempting to update Flashphoner. Our previous version was 5.2.1404, and we primarily utilize the MSE along with an RTSP emulator to simulate real-time streaming. Our configurations have remained mostly unchanged from the default settings. We use bstreamer to...
  5. pride

    RTSP KeyFrame

    Добрый день, могу ли я управлять количеством ключевых кадров в потоке RTSP (h264) c WCS? WebRTC -> RTSP -> Стороний приемник потока
  6. pride


    Здравствуйте. Могу ли я стороним приложением получить поток с WCS RTP/RTSP/RTMP ? Если да, то могу ли я выбрать кодек в котором я хочу получить поток?
  7. P

    RTSP not working

    I was using "Embedding an RTSP player in a web page" to stream IP camera to my website when suddenly it stopped working today, I was trying to access the flashphoner.js, but it states that access is denied.
  8. giapdz

    RtspAgent shutdown

    Hi Max, I am having trouble with the player. Sometimes it works, but other times it doesn't. This issue is reoccurring issue causing the Flashphoner sometimes to allow connection while sometimes the connection doesn't work. Sometimes it's run about 2 minutes after it returns an error...
  9. V

    Testing new version

    Hi Max!, I´m testing this new version but can´t make it work. I´m listening to a rtsp feed and trying to generate a WebRTC player. Super happy with my actual servers running v.2.0.225-5.2.1482 super good for years, really happy. Anyway if you can help... SSH sent from support page. Thanks!
  10. B

    minimum duration time of an RTSP session

    Hi, I need the RTSP connection signals that I open via the API (/rest-api/rtsp/startup) to stay open for at least 20 min even if no one is watching. I changed the flashphoner.properties with the following parameters: rtmp_activity_timer_cool_off_period=2 rtmp_activity_timer_timeout=600000...
  11. B

    Control when a stop sign

    Hello. How could I control to open several rtsp signals during a certain period and if any stops, do I need to register with a bank for notification control?
  12. Sukwon Choi

    URL authentication with '@' working weird in 5.2.1482

    Hi, I changed rtsp password recently with '@' character included. I tried several ways, but it's quite working weird. I sent you a rtsp url with private form. Let's say my rtsp url is username:password@@example.stream on WCS 5.2.1482 both username:password%40@example.stream and...
  13. Sukwon Choi

    Planar YUV 4:2:0 format not supported.

    Hi, I'm using WCS in AWS Marketplace to stream multiple ip camera video though rtsp in our web platform. However, I found that some rtsp url failed to stream with WCS. (It works perfectly with VLC) After several tests, I found that among videos using the H264 codec, videos using the YUV 4:2:0...
  14. R

    UNSUPPORTED streaming codec VSIP

    Hi We are getting exception as shown below while streaming the some of our cameras com.flashphoner.sdk.client.exception.UnsupportedCodecException: UNSUPPORTED streaming codec VSIP at com.flashphoner.sdk.client.StreamingMediaClient.initVideoDepacketizer(Unknown Source) at...
  15. R

    Streams count per instance

    Hi Team , We have webcall server installed in aws ,we need to know how many RTSP streams the wcs server support ? For example we have t3.medium type how can we estimate the stream number for this instance ? In the load test provided in the website we are unable to compare it with the AWS...
  16. R

    RTSP stream failed

    Hi, RTSP Streaming is failed using flashphoner Embed Player and Player example on demo site Error as shown in the attachment
  17. DeanSLR

    rtsp_interleaved_mode not working

    Hello, I try to change to UDP with: rtsp_interleaved_mode=false in the properties file. Then when I connect to the stream I get the 'STREAM PLAYING' event but all I see is white screen. When I remove this it works fine.. Thanks for the help!
  18. KirillMosiyenko

    WebRTC генерация ссылка для клиента

    Добрый день! Скажите пожалуйста есть ли возможность защитить ссылку для стриминга с камеры по РТСП? Есть ли какие то методы аутентификации?
  19. E

    Recording RTSP stream

    Hi could you help me i want to record rtsp stream as i view, it I believe if i set record_rtsp_streams=true on server then when i view rtsp stream it will be recorded and saved on server as mp4 file my question when viewing rtsp stream how do i get file name and location of saved file i need to...
  20. ahmed_foda

    embed player failing

    I'm trying to use the embedded player in my website, the stream link works fine in rtsp.me site so it's tested but when trying to add it to the embedded player the player fails. can anyone help please it urgent