1. V

    Issue in playing camera stream through RTMP encoder

    Hi, I have converted the rtsp stream of my IP camera to flashphoner rtmp encoder using FFmpeg. I am pushing the camera stream from my on premise server to WCS. FFMPEG can push the stream to RTMP endpoint. When I try to play the live stream from demo player. It shows status as "Playing" but...
  2. V

    Pushing RSTP stream to WCS

    Is there a way to push the rtsp stream to WCS. My requirement is to push the rstp stream of IP camera to WCS, but I don't have a public IP for my camera. Is there a way to push the rtsp stream using private IP to WCS.
  3. М

    Не воспроизводится с видео из внешней сети

    Добрый день! Установлен WCS5.2, лицензия Trial Задача: несколько RTSP потоков из внутренней сети 10.1.0.x нужно просматривать как снаружи так и внутри сети. С компьютеров внутренней сети все работает отлично, с внешней выдает Failed by ICE timeout При этом если указываю в качестве ip_local...
  4. S

    Unable to stream video from Pelco VideoXpert VMS

    The pelco api provides rtsp url in following format: rtsp://XXX.XX.X.XX:554/live?device_id=4277b64a-9bdd-3de2-8b18-1fab0d19802e&transport_type=UDP_UNICAST&stream_type=video&data_encoding_id=primary&data_source_id=4277b64a-9bdd-3de2-8b18-1fab0d19802e%3A1%3Avideo&username=admin This is coming...
  5. burak guder

    backup Stream ( is it possible incoming 2 stream to broadcast )

    Hi Flahphoner When the rtsp stream is wrong I want to use the broadcast from the 2nd rtsp url. Is this possible ? I could not do this on the player. Player gives error code too late This would be great if flashphoner can do this