1. S

    RTSP Stream failed

    Some RTSP URI doesn't work with flashphoner. Its codec is H264, which flashphoner supports. Could you please check my RTSP URI?
  2. Nikhil Pareek

    Using special character "@" in password

    I'm trying to use a password with @ into it in my rtsp link, not able to connect as I can see on server logs that URL is said to be invalid. is there any way that I can use @ in the password? For example" rtsp:://username@oaass@123@someit:544:/someaddress
  3. T

    Incorrect color shown on the video

    I have a rtsp link, which viewing on the browser (tested chrome and edge) will have color incorrect problem, but no problem on the same PC using VLC player. Also the video viewing on another PC and iPad using the demo page will have no problem. What could be the problem?
  4. M

    RTSP No Codecs Found

    We are trying to stream an RTSP Video direct from a FLIR PT-606Z HD camera and the stream failed. We looked in the server logs and saw a "No Codecs Found Error." Log is attached. Please advise.
  5. F

    Flashphoner DNS issues ?

    hello we've been using flasphoner on a ubuntu vm for months now with no issue , then it stopped working for no apparent reasons. I tried to roll back to a previous snapshot, uninstall , reinstall with no success . I cannot find what prevented the service from running . We use it for rstp to...
  6. alexosh

    Черный экран на iOS (трансляция с камеры)

    Добрый день. Проблема на iOS клиентах. Трансляция с веб-камеры, на сервере дефолтные настройки. Используется кастомизированный embed player, в mediaProviders указано WebRTC,MSE (или пробовали наоборот), transport: TCP. Стрим подключается по и показывается нормально. Видео без звука (он...
  7. V

    Need start player every cut on stream

    Hi super Max!, I´m feeding my WCS servers with a Rtsp live video, every time the rtsp feed have a cut(o micro-cut) the user needs to push the play button again. There is a way to force the player to autostart when the rtsp starts again? it´s too crazy? A way to always autoplay? Thanks in...
  8. L

    RTSP - No Codecs Found

    I'm trying to stream RTSP to Web RTC and I'm seeing a failure in the logs saying "No codecs found". I have already tried updating Flashphoner to the latest version, but that didn't help. Also, I'm getting the RTSP stream from this Docker container: aler9/rtsp-simple-server Any help is appreciated!
  9. D

    RTSP Failure

    Hello, Our RTSP streams from Milestone have stopped working for the last week and we are hoping you can take a look remotely. Streams are OK playing in VLC, just not in the WebCall Server for some reason. I will post remote connection and static RTSP URLs in the report for this ticket. Please...
  10. R

    How to publish the Live RTSP URL and play in Chrome browser

    How we can publish rtsp url for live in flashphoner using rest api and how we use it in chrome browser (video tag)
  11. burak guder

    no sound in recordings

    There is no sound file in any of the recordings I received. Camera : H264, AAC Record Api : 'content' => '{ "mediaSessionId": "'xxxxx-6e89-497e-b717-0469c5448109'", "config": {...
  12. burak guder

    Is it possible to start recording by stream name?

    I want to record a stream I received from the ip camera but I need to use mediaSessionId for recording. I can't start recording with rest api because I can't access mediaSessionId rest-api/rtsp/find_all { "uri": "rtsp://root:Sxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx:555/live2.sdp"...
  13. R

    RTSP stream not working

    Hi, In demo server following rtsp stream from verint NVR is not working rtsp://
  14. T

    Question about the Rest-api to connect rtsp link.

    I use the rest api on server to connect a rtsp link using https://XXXXXXXXXXXXX/rest-api/rtsp/startup for example: body: { "uri":"rtsp://abc:pwd@XXXXXXXX:554/v1", "localStreamName": "test1" } After testing, whether it is success to connect the rtsp or not, it will also return http 200. so...
  15. G

    RTSP is not working with my server but running with demo flashphoner server

    My RTSP streaming getting failed with my WebCallServer 5.2.970. But when I checked it with the demo server, it's working fine. I have filed the remote support form also. Please help? Server Details: EC2 Instance - c5.large OS - Ubuntu WebCallServer - 5.2.970
  16. T

    Video freezing after a few hour

    Just did a long run testing, after viewing video for a few hour, the video was freezing on both windows chrome and edge on same PC from 17 different rtsp cameras. If i using /rest-api/stream/find_all to check, all the session and rtsp are still connecting, if i stop the session without pubishing...
  17. T

    Video not smooth or stopped on iOS

    Tested on https://server4.teleeye.link:8444/admin/demo.html on safari on iOS -> Embed player: rtsp:// The video can started, but sometime it is stopped and not smooth, but no problem on the chrome on MS Windows at the same time. What could the problem? Thanks
  18. L

    RTSP Stream Says Playing But No Video

    We're using the flaviostutz/rtsp-relay Docker container to stream an RTSP stream from an MP4 file. When trying this stream in the Flashphoner demo player, the status says it's playing, but there is no video. Occasionally, video will appear for a second or so, then freeze. I have tested the RTSP...
  19. R

    RTSP playback stream

    Is there any chance we can include the time range along with NVR RTSP stream URL i.e NVR expecting time frame with RTSP URL to play specific time range video.
  20. burak guder

    the broadcast stops after a while

    After starting the broadcast via api, when nobody is watching, it stops after a while and it is necessary to start it again with the startup service. Even if nobody is watching the broadcast, I want it to continue to be shot over rtsp. How can I do that ?