1. F

    Audio stream over RTSP problem on new system

    hello i have issues with the definitive system where I lose audio once In flashphoner. It worked with the demo on another system but not anymore with the definitive one. I can read the stream with video and audio in VLC but I lose audio in flashphoner on your demo page or on my system . I can...
  2. prakash_123

    RTSP Security

    Need help regarding the security of the RTSP link that is been used in the embedded player on client side. Is there any way to encrypt that link from being exposed on the client side. Need help very urgently as I'm stuck due to this issue. The url is also naked so any one have no rights to the...
  3. S

    WCS config troubleshooting

    Hi, I am having some issues with the embedded player and RTSP stream. When I'm testing your WCS server against the RTSP stream it works properly, but when I'm testing the same RTSP stream against my WCS server, the stream shows for a split of a second and then freezes (status is PLAYING). I'm...
  4. ttwin

    RTSP Proxy

    We have a requirement to implement RTSP camera proxy (Play RTSP input camera using RTSP player like VLC, Quick Time, etc,). We use "/rtsp/startup" API to start RTSP stream and we can play RTSP input stream using Flashphoner player using WebRTC, RTMP,. etc but RTSP player such as VLC cannot play...
  5. snark13

    HLS broadcasting problem

    Hi ! Возникла проблема с публикацией стримов через HLS. Через какое-то время в HLS плейлисте начинают пропадать каждый второй сегмент Вначале плейлист выглядит так - #EXTM3U #EXT-X-VERSION:8 #EXT-X-TARGETDURATION:2 #EXT-X-MEDIA-SEQUENCE:30 #EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY-SEQUENCE:0 #EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY...
  6. richard-vd

    HLS gives HTTP 404 not found

    Hi, My RTSP stream plays fine in the embedded player example page (WebRTC). Now I am trying to access this RTSP stream as HLS. From the HLS player examples I understand that I should be able to get the M3U8 playlist at https://<WCS_IP>:8445/<URL-encoded-RTSP-URL>/<URL-encoded-RTSP-URL>.m3u8...
  7. paulishuku

    New to this, trying to stream my RTSP network feed.

    I've been following the tutorial on how to add my network camera to the stream via RTSP. I can connect to my external rtsp link via VLC, and so can others outside my network who have tested so i know the port forwarding is working. However, when i launch the aws instance and connect through the...
  8. richard-vd

    can't ingest RTSP stream

    Hi, WCS doesn't want to take the RTSP stream from my HDMI H.264 encoder device. The RTSP stream plays just fine in VLC. What can I change to get this to work? All configs are default. I tried this on my Debian server, but I get the same result on AWS. Here is the RTSP communication log from a...
  9. pirks

    Optimal cloud instance

    I am building a streaming system based on your server. The wcs server receives 100 rtsp streams at the input. At the output, I want to distribute 50 streams using webrtc and HLS (80% / 20%) .The total number of viewers is not more than 300. Also 50 streams should be recorded as HLS. The question...
  10. angel

    Change display html element on the fly

    Hi, We are creating a html page that display multiple RTSP to WEBRTC streams. We need to change the html display element option when the stream is running but we cannot figure it out how to do it. Is there any way to change the display html element option once the stream is running? Thanks a lot!
  11. V

    Video Hangs

    Hi there!, I´m throwing a 720p Rtsp, WCS is runing on a AWS T2 micro , we are not gonna have more than 25 subscribers. The install was working amazing fine up to a camera restart. Now the stream hangs every 5-10 sec. We are checking all the time with VLC and there the stream flows by far...
  12. D

    Text "Bleeding" on RTSP streams

    Hello, One of our customers using Honeywell MaxPro has text overlays on their video and it's causing an odd effect when playing video through Flashphoner where the video has a dripping/bleeding effect from the text location (see attached). Since the streams are running on a closed network is it...
  13. V

    Embed player on Wix?

    Hi there!, Anyone try? I can´t but why?, this is https, no? Thanks in advance!
  14. V

    Issue in playing camera stream through RTMP encoder

    Hi, I have converted the rtsp stream of my IP camera to flashphoner rtmp encoder using FFmpeg. I am pushing the camera stream from my on premise server to WCS. FFMPEG can push the stream to RTMP endpoint. When I try to play the live stream from demo player. It shows status as "Playing" but...
  15. V

    Pushing RSTP stream to WCS

    Is there a way to push the rtsp stream to WCS. My requirement is to push the rstp stream of IP camera to WCS, but I don't have a public IP for my camera. Is there a way to push the rtsp stream using private IP to WCS.
  16. М

    Не воспроизводится с видео из внешней сети

    Добрый день! Установлен WCS5.2, лицензия Trial Задача: несколько RTSP потоков из внутренней сети 10.1.0.x нужно просматривать как снаружи так и внутри сети. С компьютеров внутренней сети все работает отлично, с внешней выдает Failed by ICE timeout При этом если указываю в качестве ip_local...
  17. S

    Unable to stream video from Pelco VideoXpert VMS

    The pelco api provides rtsp url in following format: rtsp://XXX.XX.X.XX:554/live?device_id=4277b64a-9bdd-3de2-8b18-1fab0d19802e&transport_type=UDP_UNICAST&stream_type=video&data_encoding_id=primary&data_source_id=4277b64a-9bdd-3de2-8b18-1fab0d19802e%3A1%3Avideo&username=admin This is coming...
  18. burak guder

    backup Stream ( is it possible incoming 2 stream to broadcast )

    Hi Flahphoner When the rtsp stream is wrong I want to use the broadcast from the 2nd rtsp url. Is this possible ? I could not do this on the player. Player gives error code too late This would be great if flashphoner can do this