1. R

    RTSP stream not working

    Hi, In demo server following rtsp stream from verint NVR is not working rtsp://
  2. T

    Question about the Rest-api to connect rtsp link.

    I use the rest api on server to connect a rtsp link using https://XXXXXXXXXXXXX/rest-api/rtsp/startup for example: body: { "uri":"rtsp://abc:pwd@XXXXXXXX:554/v1", "localStreamName": "test1" } After testing, whether it is success to connect the rtsp or not, it will also return http 200. so...
  3. G

    RTSP is not working with my server but running with demo flashphoner server

    My RTSP streaming getting failed with my WebCallServer 5.2.970. But when I checked it with the demo server, it's working fine. I have filed the remote support form also. Please help? Server Details: EC2 Instance - c5.large OS - Ubuntu WebCallServer - 5.2.970
  4. T

    Video freezing after a few hour

    Just did a long run testing, after viewing video for a few hour, the video was freezing on both windows chrome and edge on same PC from 17 different rtsp cameras. If i using /rest-api/stream/find_all to check, all the session and rtsp are still connecting, if i stop the session without pubishing...
  5. T

    Video not smooth or stopped on iOS

    Tested on https://server4.teleeye.link:8444/admin/demo.html on safari on iOS -> Embed player: rtsp:// The video can started, but sometime it is stopped and not smooth, but no problem on the chrome on MS Windows at the same time. What could the problem? Thanks
  6. L

    RTSP Stream Says Playing But No Video

    We're using the flaviostutz/rtsp-relay Docker container to stream an RTSP stream from an MP4 file. When trying this stream in the Flashphoner demo player, the status says it's playing, but there is no video. Occasionally, video will appear for a second or so, then freeze. I have tested the RTSP...
  7. R

    RTSP playback stream

    Is there any chance we can include the time range along with NVR RTSP stream URL i.e NVR expecting time frame with RTSP URL to play specific time range video.
  8. burak guder

    the broadcast stops after a while

    After starting the broadcast via api, when nobody is watching, it stops after a while and it is necessary to start it again with the startup service. Even if nobody is watching the broadcast, I want it to continue to be shot over rtsp. How can I do that ?
  9. J

    Need help to improve performance

    Hello We are using Flashphoner with AWS. We are using MSE for rtsp source. But rtsp source video is no problem and quick, but with flashphoner video sometimes lack in web browser. sometimes videos are stopped 2 ~ 3 seconds and playing again. Any solution for improve performance? Thank you
  10. alexosh

    Поток в embedded iframe иногда не показывается

    На сервере в демо интерфейсе в Embed player поток с ip камеры показывается. Встраиваю на страницу - то показывает (все нормально), то не показывается (крутится белое спиннер). Как это отлаживать?
  11. J

    Problem in iOS Browsers

    Hello We are using web sdk embedded player for show live video to browser from rtsp(IP camera) url We are using MediaProvider:MSE, and it works for all PC browsers. But problem is when we open it in iOS browsers(Safari , chrome), it shows "None of preferred Media Providers available"...
  12. H

    RTSP Video Stream doesnt work

    I installed Flashphoner on an Ubuntu sever. I want to stream a RTSP Stream from a Reolink IP Camera with the player. Sadly I always get the message “FAILED“ without any explanations. The stream works fine with VLC and the code is H264 The URI is...

    camera video streaming in the web RTSP protocol getting failed

    Dear Experts , We have HIKVISION IP camera getting streamed in VLC as shown below screenshot. where as when we try in web call server its not streaming attached screenshot below
  14. P

    Как отключить audio при использовании RTSP

    Суть проблемы, имеется IP камера Dahua, на выходе с нее имеем видео поток H264 + аудио ACC, но при таких настройках плеер не хочет ничего показывать пишет ошибку "Stream failed", меняем кодек аудио потока на G711a все начинает работать, вопрос, можно ли каким-то образом вообще отключить аудио...
  15. B

    my rtsp pull not working

    Hello sir my rtsp url i make request with rest-api/pull/pull { "uri":"ws://", "localStreamName":"stream", "remoteStreamName":"rtsp://" } i give my rtsp url with credentail this rtsp url work well with vls but not with this server can plz describe...
  16. D

    HLS формат с разными разрешениями

    Добрый день, Есть rtsp-камера. Назовем ее RTSP://camera1 Есть соответсвенно url для получения видео с камеры в HLS-формате: https://host/RTSP%3A%2F%2Fcamera1/RTSP%3A%2F%2Fcamera1.m3u8 Для смены разрешения всех видео стримов у Flashphoner есть настройка hls_player_height, hls_player_width...
  17. N

    IP-Camera Digest Authentication

    How can I digest-authenticate the rtsp video of the IP camera and register it in the startup? The Axis camera was made as follows. With basic authentication $ curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application / json" -d'{"uri": "rtsp: //admin: admin@192.168.0.xx: 554 / axis-media / media.amp", "...
  18. G

    @ character in password causes the stream not to connect

    Hello, We calling the flashphoner WCS in our application to start a stream and have noticed that the stream is failing to connect. On closer inspection once the url string is decoded if it has an @ character in the password it breaks. See the error message in the log below:- 15:01:28,022 INFO...
  19. D

    RTSP Streaming issue

    We are having an issue streaming an RTSP in the WCS. The stream connects and WCS Player says it's "playing" but the stream doens't populate I can get the stream to work fine in VLC. We have the latest version of WCS installed. We have server logs prepped and ready to send. What's the best...
  20. C

    RTSP autostart

    Hello, i am using the embedded player on one of my website pages, would it be possible to start the player when the page is opened and don't have to press the play button? Also, i have enabled rtsp record on webcallserver config files and it does work but even if i press stop button it keeps on...