1. T

    Issue with Custom WebSocket Port on WCS 5.2.1181

    Hello I am trying to upgrade the WebCallServer on AWS to 5.2.1181, however testing on the demo's Stream Recording page I immediately get a 'Failed' status upon trying to start the streaming: (Redacted URL in textbox) We are doing the upgrade so that we get the fix for the display...
  2. A

    SIP connectivity with opensips

    Hi there We are trying to make a connectivity with SIP API, we have successfully installed opensips on WCS and its running, kindly let us know how to define the sip extension on this and how to connect the web client? Thanks AB
  3. first_teoretik

    No free ports available

    При попытке пользователем получить стрим с сервера возвращается ошибка Other: No free ports available Также при просмотре потоков через веб-морду
  4. R

    CND - Connection refused

    Hello! Origin and Edge server has the same version: v. We follow the example as describe here: https://flashphoner.com/dynamic-cdn-for-low-latency-webrtc-streaming/ But we got the follow errors and stream published on origin, CAN NOT...