1. KaranBhansali91

    Poor video quality in mixer output

    Hi, Please find the image below on twitch platform as the live stream output from flashphoner mixer. We have good server configuration m5.8xlarge aws server. In the properties config added video_encoder_max_threads=3 and h264 encoder settings. We are using...
  2. Gabriel Augusto

    Stream record problem on Safari

    I am having some problems on stream recording of webm video. A few days ago the safari browser stopped recording, creating the session apparently works well, but when i try to publish the stream to start recording, i always get a failure status, but chrome on android/windons works fine. The...
  3. A

    Unable to Publish, Failing

    Please check the following entries from the log file, we are unable to publish from one Laptop using latest chrome browser... login name is laptop Attaching the file errorlog.txt .. kindly assist...
  4. M

    WebRTC Streaming issues

    Hi, I have two issues with webRTC Streaming, 1) After sometime when a stream is published, the video goes black at streaming side but at viewer side, the stream can still be viewed. Please check attached image below 2) Streaming gets disconnected automatically after 1-2 hours. I found below...
  5. burak guder

    what is the codec of the Screen Sharing ?

    I want to share screen with re-publish (rtmp-push) feature but only h264 codec can be used because the v8 cod requires extra core usage. How do I ensure that only h264 is used in webrtc inputs?
  6. J

    Stream is getting failed/disconnected

    Hi Max, suddenly our stream started getting disconnect after every minute or two, please suggest it's a prod issue 13:13:12,806 INFO WSServerHandler - WS-pool-19-thread-214 Orgign: null 13:13:12,807 WARN WSServerHandler - WS-pool-19-thread-214 Close channel [id: 0x74bb5297...
  7. G

    Не показывается видео собеседника

    Не видно собеседника в чате. Ни в браузере , ни в приложении. Так же не проходит видео в Two-way Streaming, так же в Conference не активна кнопка publish. Подскажите что может быть?