Unable to Publish, Failing

Arif Butt

New Member
Please check the following entries from the log file, we are unable to publish from one Laptop using latest chrome browser... login name is laptop
Attaching the file errorlog.txt .. kindly assist...



Staff member

Unfortunately, the provided log contains no useful information to understand your problem with publishing.

Please tell us more about how you publish the stream on the problem computer.
Does publishing a stream work on the problem computer when using demo examples built into WCS?

For further analysis, please collect the logs by this instruction. If possible, give SSH access to the WCS server and the problematic publisher. Logs and SSH credentials can be sent using a private form.

Arif Butt

New Member
The other provided samples are also having the same issue..

The server is running OK with other stations but only this laptop is having this issue...

We will provide you the logs shortly



Staff member
Good day.
Unfortunately, your server seems to be unavailable by credentials you've sent

and the client PC too

Please check and send correct credentials.
Also we fond some issues in your server configuration according to the report you've sent:
1. Chat room recording synchronization and merging feature is obsoleted and is not available in latest builds. Please remove the following parameter from flashphoner.properties
and use mixer to merge chat participants streams
2. The server configuration (1 CPU core, 3.7 Gb RAM) is not enough to test mixer because it requires video and audio transcoding. Please consider more powerful server, at least 4 CPU cores and 8 Gb RAM for testing purposes, and at lease 8 CPU Cores and 16 Gb RAM for production (depending on chat room participants count and chat rooms count running simultaneously)