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    Republishing edited video stream

    I'm building an app to use webrtc to capture video from web browser, stream it as RTMP stream, edited the RTMP stream using ffmpeg then forward it to FB or Instagram. To add to above, I want to re-publish the edited video stream as a new RTMP do I do that in Flashphoner/webcallserver?
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    Re-Publish YouTube stream using FlashPhoner Server

    Hello Team, I want to re-publish the youtube stream using flashphoner server and then use it in any RMTP. So can you provide me what things I need to do or what setting to implement it? If it is possible on the "flashphoner server", then what are the steps to configure it. Can we need to...
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    Can not start transponder Error

    I tried to calling URL ("") I am getting "Can not start transponder Error". request body mention in the Screenshot. Please help me to solve this issue.