1. R

    Capabilities of WebcallServer

    Hi, We need the following of the regarding flashphoner server 1. Hardware Requirements(Min and Max) 2. Maximum how many cameras can handle by single server and for that what is the configuration of system needed 3. If there are more than 1000+ cameras how many servers may needed . and...
  2. D

    WCS EC2 Flashphoner crash

    Hi all, I'm using flashphoner perfectly from some months now. It all works good, and I installed the SSL certificate successfully. Unfortunately, I'm facing an issue some times. The istance in AWS looks fine and "running" but I can't connect to...
  3. vladdrummer

    Возможно ли запустить сервер на Андроид - устройстве?

    Здравствуйте, возможно ли запустить сервер на андроид-девайсе? В моём приложении устройства подключены по вайфай к хотспоту на андроид-устройстве, на нём есть Websocket-сервер который общается с устройствами. То есть, андроид - устройство - это и вайфай и сервер, и в интернет лезть не надо...
  4. M

    Max number of members in Conference

    Hi, I would like to know that how many number of members can perform server based audio video conference? What is the server requirement for 100 users? My question is related to webRTC users? Thanks MA
  5. A

    Flashphoner Limitations

    Hi I have purchased a flashphoner license and made an android app using it I would like to know what the limitations are. Namely Will the server support multiple video calls at the same time? What is the maximum number of users I can have in a lobby who are not using video call? If all these...