rtmp republishing

  1. Naryzhny

    Ретрансляция потока в Telegram

    Не могу найти конфигурацию для ретрансляции в Телеграм, пробовал на приложенной + вариант для youtube https://url/rest-api/push/startup { "streamName": "streamName", "rtmpUrl": "rtmp://dc4-1.rtmp.t.me/s/key", "rtmpTransponderFullUrl": true } Возможно задача решалась и есть...
  2. Mike John

    How to stream to YouTube

    Problems have arisen when I try to live-stream flash phone to YouTube. All other Rtmp outputs function normally; only YouTube is a problem child. moto x3m
  3. P

    Can’t stream to YouTube

    Hi we have an issue to stream from flashphoner to YouTube. The other Rtmp output works fine just YouTube does not work.
  4. F


    Hello @Max How are you? We are your old customer. W had cancelled that service 3 years ago due to some other features, Now we want to again use that feature. We have installed web call server 5.2 on our server but its not going live to Facebook. Can you please check our server. I have emailed...
  5. auronsan14

    youtube multistream

    seems youtube rejected the multistream I dont know why after 30 seconds got closed. but via obs work normal ``` { "mediaSessionId": "", "streamName": "rtmp_73fe7866-d8a3-47df-a998-db60945006fd", "rtmpUrl": "rtmp://a.rtmp.youtube.com/live2/aaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaa", "rtmpFlashVersion"...
  6. auronsan14

    OBS to RTMP Flashphoner to push/startup failed

    while publishing from obs failed when try add push startup with same name [ { "appKey": "flashStreamingApp", "sessionId": "", "mediaSessionId": "9a991c81-7b5f-4f51-aa5e-464f44e837c1", "name": "stream1", "published": true, "hasVideo": true...
  7. D


    I'm running the MCU client example: https://demo.flashphoner.com:8888/client2/examples/demo/streaming/mcu_client/mcu_client.html Seems to work nicely, but where / how can I see the output mosaic published through RTMP? I do not see any docs explaining where to find this on Flashphone's site...
  8. D


    I am running the simple screen sharing demo described here: https://flashphoner.com/how-to-embed-webrtc-screen-sharing-into-a-web-page-2/ In screen-sharing-min.js I pass an rtmpUrl to the session.CreateStream() function: function startStreaming() { var constraints = { video: {}...
  9. R

    RTMP server configuration

    Hello. I'm trying to do rtmp stream with 720p over phone, but I have some video glitches. Once I updated the codes the glitches are gone, but the quality is bad. codecs=opus,alaw,ulaw,g729,speex16,g722,mpeg4-generic,telephone-event,vp8,h264,flv,mpv The rest of my server config is...
  10. I

    ретрансляция на другой RTMP-сервер.

    Здравствуйте. Версия 5.2.969 Пробуем опубликовать микшированный поток на другой RTMP-сервер (https://gcorelabs.com/ru/support/articles/360014153118/) Запрос: { "streamName": "name", "rtmpUrl": "rtmp://vp-push-ix1.gvideo.co/in/130062?*key*/", "rtmpTransponderFullUrl": false, "options": {} }...
  11. R

    RTMP: server part validation failed

    the RTMP client is connected, but I recieve logs: server part 1 validation failed for type 1, will try with type 2 ERROR ClientHandler - RTMP error server part 1 validation failed even for type: 2
  12. alexosh

    Добавление надписи в транслируемое видео

    Какой будет наиболее простой способ добавить надпись (и менять ее когда нужно) в обычный транслируемый с камеры поток? В этой теме советуют делать на клиенте через фильтры, в том числе чтобы уменьшить нагрузку на сервер. Это действительно самый простой способ для трансляций которые идут через...
  13. streamer

    Mute issue on live stream

    We are setting up our application for live streaming using "Flashphoner WCS Server", during live stream we are able to find all stream using API Call (/rest-api/push/find_all) but when we are requesting mute with mediaSessionId on this endpoint (/rest-api/push/mute) we are getting Internal...
  14. T

    Buffering on webrtc?

    The config as below: Video Cam->RTSP->WCS->WebRTC->Browser, Is it possible to add some buffering of about 0.25s to 0.5s delay, so that the video can be smoother on network jittering, and i don't mine the delay within about 1 seconds. Thanks
  15. mit

    WebRTC as RTMP re-publishing - Failed by RTMP writer error

    взял код из примера, пытаюсь создать стрим в ютубе, через 2 мин после старта падает с ошибкой, стрим до ютуба так и не дошел {message: "notifyStreamStatusEvent", data: [{,…}]} data: [{,…}] 0: {,…} audioBitrate: 0 audioCodec: "opus" audioState: {muted: false} bitrate: 0 codecImpl: ""...
  16. B

    Demo Room WebRTC as RTMP re-publishing

    Hi guys, Can someone help me ? I am looking for a room with 2 (with cam) or more participants and with screen sharing and re-transmitting to RTMP. Thanks a lot,
  17. alexosh

    Can not push stream to youtube

    I'm just starting with flashphonner. So, using server on AWS 1) to flashphoner.properties added 2 lines rtmp_transponder_stream_name_prefix= rtmp_transponder_full_url=true 2) created live stream on youtube 3) send POST request to `rtsp/startup` uri...
  18. Reebo

    From web browser to Amazon ivs server

    Can I capture video from web browser, passing through webrtc server and then streaming to rtmp Amazon ivs? (rtmp server url and stream key) thanks in advanced
  19. Dani

    calling https://myserveraddress:8444/rest-api/push/terminate gives an error

    exception "java.lang.NullPointerException" path "/rest-api/push/terminate" error "Internal Server Error" message null timestamp 1611119681055 status 500
  20. milan

    Android and IOS mobile broadcasting in chrome not supporting

    I want to setup one to many live video broadcasting system for all web browser and all mobile browser in web. but here issue become in mobile browser broadcasting system. i am tired to connect webrtc to rtmp. here your demo link not working in mobile chrome ios and android...