1. P

    JS muteVideo on Safari

    Hello, 1. on Monterey Safari 15.1 MacBook Pro the muteVideo command crashes the browser. This happens only when there is a single built-in FaceTime camera. If we add a second camera (USB) - no crash occurs. Other browsers don't crash with single/multiple cameras (Chrome, Opera, FF, Edge). 2. On...
  2. T

    Question about Playing a stream in custom HTML5 video element

    I followed the to do, and i want to display the video which will change the video aspect ratio to fit the size of the videoControls as below: the testing page is...
  3. S

    audio not working when using Safari and Web SDK (Firefox and Chrome are fine)

    Hello version: 5.2.780 I am using WebCallServer 5 (hosted on AWS) to broadcast a stream to a webapp. The webapp uses the web sdk for the implementation of the audio/video stream. This worlks fine in Chrome and Firefox (desktop and mobile), however on Safari the audio doesn't play but the...
  4. Prodamus

    Не работает захват экрана в Safari 14

    Добрый день. По инструкции пытаемся сделать захват экрана в safari 14, однако при старте получаем ошибку InvalidAccessError: getDisplayMedia must be called from a user gesture handler Подскажите, пожалуйста, в какую сторону копать.
  5. Dani

    Update to latest wcs server and client -

    We've done all the tests on iphone XR 14.3 After updating server code and client version to latest on production servers iphone xr works great, but iphone 12 and 11 can't open the camera.... is there any changes in the code needed to be done to support iphone 11 and 12 that are not needed for...
  6. Dani

    Big Sur MAC update possible issue with voice streaming

    I've notice something strange on a new Big Sur MacBook Pro - on a 2 way call video + sound one channel (voice) sounds scrambled for about a minute until it starts working ok. We haven't seen this in any other setup yet. I'm will try tomorrow with another MacBook to see if it's consistent. was...
  7. T

    Stream cut-off while recording on MacBook Safari

    Hi We've discovered an issue that seems exclusive to MacBook (Big Sur) Safari where the stream recording stops capturing video and audio after 8-10 seconds. Testing on the WCS Stream Recording demo page, we would do a recording of about 15 seconds. When playing back, the audio and video will...
  8. N

    I cannot play HLS streams

    Here are my hls settings: ####HLS##### hls_enabled=true hls_auto_start=true hls_list_size=3 hls_abr_enabled=true hls_preloader_enabled=false hls_store_segment_in_memory=true hls_time=3 My URL looks like this: http://<address>:8082/<streamName>/<streamName>.m3u8 In chrome I get : <server>...
  9. M

    WebRTC Streaming issues

    Hi, I have two issues with webRTC Streaming, 1) After sometime when a stream is published, the video goes black at streaming side but at viewer side, the stream can still be viewed. Please check attached image below 2) Streaming gets disconnected automatically after 1-2 hours. I found below...
  10. richard-vd

    high CPU usage

    My Safari browser (version 13.1.1 (15609. on macOS 10.15.5) sends HTTPS traffic that causes permanently high CPU usage on the server, until I restart WCS. It looks like it happens when the HTTPS connections are closed after timeout. I just go to https://<WCS_IP>:8444/ and around 30...
  11. KonstantinK

    Захват экрана в Safari

    Недавно нашел что можно захватить экран не только через getUserMedia но и через navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia(that.constraints).then(function(stream) { .... }) но самое интересное что даже сафари таким образом захватывает экран - чего раньше небыло я проверил на...
  12. A

    Не воспроизводится видеопоток в Safari

    Добрый день! Устройство и браузер: Safari, последняя версия, Macbook. Реализован интерфейс видеосвязи один на один. Проблема: при заходе в интерфейс с видео браузер не запрашивает включение звука и видео, соответственно, у пользователя не выводится ни то, ни другое. Параллельно провели...
  13. R

    Camera on MAC - Safari

    Hello! We are not able to capture camera from SAFARI on MACBOOK: NOTE: On Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge - 100% working [Log] 18:14:06 INFO webrtc - – {audio: true, video: {width: {min: 320, max: 640}, height: {min: 240, max: 480}, frameRate: {ideal: 30}}, customStream: undefined}...
  14. R

    Safari - Error to play media

    Hello! Once open with Safari on MAC, using player embed -> None of MediaProviders avaiable. What is going wrong? Regards, Rafael
  15. I

    MacOS Safari: в некоторых устройствах не работает трансляция камеры

    Здравствуйте. Проблема в следующем, при попытке включить камеру пользователь получает ошибку: invalid constraint Замечу, эту ошибку я ранее уже пытался побороть, какая-то версия она якобы исправила проблему, но, оказалось, часть пользователей всё равно эту ошибку хватают, при этом другие...