sip gateway

  1. KirillMosiyenko

    SIP Failed но клиент Esteblished

    Добрый день! Через SIP PHONE пытаюсь подключиться к СИП серверу Астериск. Пишет что подключение Esteblished но не работает. При звонке FAILED Данные для теста Sip login 101 и 103 PSW 12345
  2. P

    Incoming voice issue on webrtc sip call

    Hello, We have an issue while using demo interface for testing. In the phone interface we entered our sip details and made call. The voice of mine is going well to called user, however the voice of tha user is not well in our side. The voice is not understandable, not clear and dashed. Is...
  3. andrew.n

    Setup SIP with FlashPhoner

    As I understood, FlashPhoner supports SIP. But as I see, I can setup SIP using FPWCSApi2SessionOptions But how can I setup the SIP connection with our server to receive incoming calls from our server, using FlashPhoner? It's required to...

    https//:localhost:8444/ not opening

    Dear Experts, after installing Webcallserver , restarted the server, i am not able to open https//:localhost:8444/,please note i activated trial license
  5. I

    WebRTC SIP Gateway

    Here is what I am trying to accomplish. Could someone tell me if this would be possible. We have an IP PBX system on our enterprise LAN. We currently have physical phones and some SIP client (MicroSIP) for soft phone. With softphone, we have to install on local end users' PCs. We are trying to...