1. I

    AWS устаревшая версия

    Здравствуйте. Мои админы говорят, что на AWS (Amazon Marketplace Hourly License) установлена устаревшая версия, и поставить новее невозможно. Вы не обновляете? Можете обновить до последней?
  2. M

    Update the WCS Server

    Hi Everyone, I finally get the perfect setup for my server. Now I need to do an update and I don't want to break either my properties config file or the certificates that I manually imported. What would be the best way to update in order to keep all my setting as it was. I'm updating from...
  3. sangsoo

    WCS cannot be updated.

    Hi Max~ WCS cannot be updated. Webcallserver update fails now (with image). WCS server uses 14+ units in Amazon (standard 13, trial 1+), but the same symptom occurs in the tested server. Each server has a slightly different version of WCS. The webcallserver files in the bin folder and...
  4. S

    Update not working

    Hi, We have 2 Flashphoner servers. One on AWS and one on a physical server. The one on AWS updates to the latest Flashphoner version using the webcallserver update command. The other one doesn't. [root@vmXXXX ~]# sudo service webcallserver update >>> You have latest version...