Webcallserver update hanged.


Webcall server update got hanged.
It looks like it hanged with process chgrp running.

hitting break on the process - and running update again - says it's already up to date.
but - now - it can only be started at /usr/local/FlashPhonerWebCAlServer/bin/webcallserver start

trying to start though /etc/init.d/webcallserver start
it says ok but doesn't do anything.

nothing in the startup log.

this is update log:
[root@cyber-net logs]# cat update.log
2018-08-23 22:59 Updated from 5.1.3451-ae2f98dcf51b1317fd70f97b7c37f5bd7eb0e00c to 5.1.3483-5ec65e5f9fe50ab3e317b1f0f2341f9f86c25b2f
2019-05-27 00:22 Updated from 5.1.3483-5ec65e5f9fe50ab3e317b1f0f2341f9f86c25b2f to 5.2.146-816e365710effdebf0a805d16d4df769276ca076
2019-06-05 00:41 Updated from 5.2.146-816e365710effdebf0a805d16d4df769276ca076 to 5.2.175-ddf5396db023f3126e2f6b1111374a72c018e101
2020-01-10 00:07 Updated from 5.2.175-ddf5396db023f3126e2f6b1111374a72c018e101 to 5.2.454-062ff85d1653c1825b27c988396f4ce0de00877d
[root@cyber-net logs]# cd ..
[root@cyber-net FlashphonerWebCallServer]# ./bin/webcallserver check_update
>>> You have latest version: 5.2.878
[root@cyber-net FlashphonerWebCallServer]#

so looks like something wasn't finish on the update process.
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Good day.
Please clarify the environment:
- operating system
- WCS build you've running
- WCS build you've updating to
Please also try to install a new build aside an old one as described here.
If nothing helps, provide SSH access to the instance using this private form.
Please also note that in AWS we recommend to deploy the new instance from latest AWS marketplace AMI, or based on Amazon Linux 2 AMI. In bot cases, you have a newer Linux kernel and systemd instead of obsolete init.d.


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Please note that recommended Centos versions are
  • CentOS 7.6, 7,8, 8
See details here
If upgrade still fails, provide SSH access to the instance using this private form.