1. A

    Внешний видеоисточник

    Использую бибилиотеку Banuba для наложения масок на лицо. Banuba умеет отдавать кадры. Вопрос. Могу ли я к Flashphoner прикрутить внешний источник по примеру как это делает Agora (раздел Push External Video...
  2. AiwNexT

    No video while playing stream on Android SDK 1.1

    Hi! I updated the Android SDK from to the latest and now the video is missing (only black screen) while trying to play a stream. The audio works normally. On the everything worked just fine. Can anyone help me?
  3. S

    Возможно ли в микшере совместить шаринг экрана и потока с камеры

    Добрый день. Возможно ли в микшере совместить шаринг экрана и потока с камеры одновременно?
  4. vanarie

    Twilio group sceen to RTMP

    Hello, I've been testing with WCS and setup a test server. I was able to get webRTC -> WCS -> RTMP working from the install and read the rtmp://myserver stream with VLC media player. I assume that's a good test. My goal now is to find a good, scalable way to port a video meeting conference...
  5. prakash_123

    Screen Resolution not changing

    Thank you for your response. It was really helpful and working very fine and smoothly. We need one more favor regarding the resolution of the "<video>" tag . We want to stretch the video to full screen in all the devices but whenever we provide the resolution parameters its not accepting it and...