No video while playing stream on Android SDK 1.1


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Hi! I updated the Android SDK from to the latest and now the video is missing (only black screen) while trying to play a stream. The audio works normally. On the everything worked just fine. Can anyone help me?


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Good day.
Please note that Android SDK 1.1 is intended to use on Android 8 and newer while Android SDK 1.0 may be used on Android 5-7. Please make sure you're running an application on suitable device.
Also check if the issue is reproducing in Android Streamin min or Player example built from GitHub sources. If not, please modify example code minimally to reproduce the issue and send the modified code archive using this form.
Please also make sure the player channel quality is enough to play the stream. For example, use the lower publishing resolution/bitrate.


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Hi! The min sdk of my project is also set to 8 (API 26).
Ok, thanks! I'll check the sample projects and try to figure out what is the problem