1. AiwNexT

    No video while playing stream on Android SDK 1.1

    Hi! I updated the Android SDK from to the latest and now the video is missing (only black screen) while trying to play a stream. The audio works normally. On the everything worked just fine. Can anyone help me?
  2. N

    Stream has short pauses at intervals

    Hi, We have had this problem for quite a while now. The problem is for some streams, there are perceptible pauses at intervals. I am tryng to attach the video recordings but says too large. Where do I send them?
  3. burak guder

    canvas element to stream

    Hi Flah Phoner I actively use your system and I am very satisfied. I am developing a product and I want to use flashphoner for it. I want to add screen sharing and camera to canvas element and to send this element as a stream I attached an image
  4. R

    Get stream name from conference or two-way videochat

    Hello! I need to republish video and audio stream from users connected to conference or two-wat videochat. I try to found some information about the streamName, but without sucess. Where i can locate the separate stream name from each participant and is possible to re-transmit it as RTMP like...