android sdk

  1. M

    Support for using external USB camera instead of device camera

    Hi guys, I need to implement an audio/video call over sip functionality in my app(android app), and for video I need to use an external usb camera which I already implemented and connected. Is there a way to point your library to use external usb cam instead of internal device cam? Thanks, Marius
  2. venkypokala

    Android SDK Screen Sharing Support < 26 ?

    Good Day, Screen sharing can support below 26 ( android os)?
  3. venkypokala

    Android SDK Support For Foreground Service????

    Hi, I have some question for Android SDK. we can't use in background for this sdk 1. Why Flashphoner.init(this); in activity, It's not Support Background like Whatsapp Audio call 2. Android Screen sharing is possible for one activity or entire mobile can share(like other apps)
  4. L

    Работа с видеопотоком

    Подскажите, есть ли возможность на мобильных SDK работать с видеопотоком - получать его из PercentFrameLayout или SurfaceViewRenderer? Например, для наложения на него масок и фильтров.
  5. J

    Whiteboard implementation for android

    Hi, We are trying to implement whiteboard feature for android device but it is now working. Do flashphoner api support this feature if so please provide supporting link Thanks
  6. P

    SurfaceViewRenderer on Android

    Hello, I have an issue playing back a video stream on Android. Apart from the roomApi functionality, the only successful way of playing back video content was by providing a surface renderer to a Session object. This works fine. However, this limits us to playing back only one video stream per...
  7. ett

    How to download Android SDK without samples?

    I need only wcs-android-sdk- However, (from...
  8. ett

    Android SDK 1.0 has problem when audio only streaming

    Hello. I have a problem using Android SDK 1.0. - related post: - WCS: 5.2.629-dd8778ba58690d19a44ed583cd116650fe511539 - Android SDK: wcs-android-sdk- PROBLEM...
  9. A

    Звук на стриме у Android

    Звук на стриме у Android устройства идет через слуховой динамик, а не через основной динамик (устройство xiaomi mi mix 2s), как это можно настроить ?