android sdk

  1. yogeshkahar

    how to showing show data with video streaming

    hello I am android developer. in my project I am using flashphoner sdk for live streaming. I am RND lots of but I am not find any solution about problem. my problem is - I am want to show some data with live streaming like data will be over the streaming and data will be send with streaming. can...
  2. bb0707

    [Android][SDK 1.1] Configure the audio source when share device screen.

    Hi Team, When using Android SDK 1.1 to share device screen, I want my app to be able to set up audio stream like the Twitch app. Currently, I can only publish device screen with audio from the microphone. So I have 2 questions: 1. How to stream with audio from both device and microphone? 2...
  3. whitedragonking

    Switch streaming content

    Hi team, I want to switch streaming from capture screen to camera and reverse for Android SDK, is there anyway to do it smoothly with same session ? Or it have to do with stop stream and re-config the stream options again then publish it, because I think it will cause quite long delay before...
  4. whitedragonking

    Android join to created room by Room object with custom authentication

    Hi team, I need to connect to room for sharing app screen to a web server created room by Room class connection but with customizing authen. For example I only got wss server and the room id. The website require me to send custom data in the connection as { "message":"connection"...
  5. Edgar

    Security vulnerabilities

    When we try to upload our app to GPlay we have this warning: Your app uses a faulty version of WebRTC that contains security vulnerabilities. We are using wcs-android-sdk-
  6. A

    Некорректно работает трансляция экрана

    Некорректно работает трансляция экрана. При трансляции экрана на некоторых устройствах у трансляции отображается неправильное соотношение сторон, например Samsung a53
  7. B

    На AR-очках падает приложение при попытке совершить звонок

    Приветствую. Мы используем пример из Flashphonner c названием ConferenceActivity. Два участника звонка. Проблема: При старте звонка, мы видим секунду видео и затем краш на специализированном устройстве AR-очки Realwear HMT-1. Ранее данный пример работал. Библиотека flashphonner не обновлялась...
  8. S

    Android SDK падает при паблише стрима без видео

    При создании попытке паблиша стрима без видео падает NPE. StreamOptions streamOptions = new StreamOptions(); Constraints constraints = streamOptions.getConstraints(); VideoConstraints videoConstraints = constraints.getVideoConstraints()...
  9. R2D2

    Google Play Console(Уязвимые версии WebRTC)

    В нашем Android приложении мы используем библиотеку wcs-android-sdk- Не переходим на версию 1.1 чтобы сохранить совместимость со старыми версиями Android. На этой неделе при выкладки приложения Google Play Console выдало ошибку - Уязвимые версии WebRTC...
  10. andrew.n

    Filters (beautify, AR, etc) on live streaming

    @Max Everything works great with the SDK, and of course, new requests came up such as using filters during the live stream. I want to ask you if you had that kind of request before, or if there is another SDK to add over the current FlashPhoner SDK to handle this request. It will be useful if...
  11. A

    Вылет Android SDK при попытке завершить стрим

    Android 11 (Redmi Note 8T) при попытке завершить стрим выдает ошибку
  12. P

    Android SDK RTMP republish

    Hello, we are using Android SDK and are experiencing a problem where WCS 5.2.1279 wouldn't republish video with RTMP - only audio gets restreamed and with a significant delay - around 15 seconds. We also tried doing this using WebSDK - works fine. Thanks, P
  13. yahmahnetwork

    package com.flashphoner.fpwcsapi does not exist

    Can anyone get me out of this? Error:(20, 32) error: package com.flashphoner.fpwcsapi does not exist
  14. M

    android sdk Missing libraries

    hello, while building android sdk we are facing given below missing libraries errors. please could you help me Could not determine the dependencies of task ':video-chat:compileDebugJavaWithJavac'. > Could not resolve all task dependencies for configuration ':video-chat:debugCompileClasspath'...
  15. P

    Always record in mp4

    Howdy, currently, when doing tests with all sorts of SDKs, we have noticed that JS/iOS SDKs record video in mp4 format. However, Android SDK records in webm. Can make sure Android records in mp4 too? We tried to strip codecs, when we strip vp8 - the video is recorded in flv. When we strip vp8...
  16. M

    Трансляция экрана телефона в браузер

    Добрый день! мне необходимо транслировать экран телефона на сайте, причем делать это необходимо и на андроиде и на айфон телефоне. Как мне сделать такое с помощью web call servera?
  17. ghifary

    Could not resolve project :fp_wcs_api.

    Hello,i have a problem with my WCS Android SDK sample when i play once of application to my Android Studio Emulator i have update gradle to version 7.2.0 and Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) 7.0.1 And i also have upadate my NDK file from ndk r18b to r23b But, i got the error message when i run...
  18. V

    Android app freeze on some devices after stop stream

    Здравствуйте. Подключаю два стрима к разным серверам, один стрим на публикацию а второй на чтение. После того как вызываю .stop() двух стримов (сразу оба или в промежутке 10 секунд) приложение на некоторых android девайсах перестает отвечать. Если останавливаю только один стрим то такого...
  19. D

    Logging messages that the client device receives from kFPWCSStreamStatus

    Hello, Is it possible to log information about the status of streams? In the logs of the client part, We see message: [-- BEGIN CLIENT LOG --] .... LOGS: Client didn't pushed logs to server, try to enable push_log at client side. [-- END CLIENT LOG ----] Will the necessary information be...
  20. PrateekEdutra

    Unable to find Android SDK

    Hi Team, I am unable to find SDK file or dependency to implement things in my project, please share.