Android join to created room by Room object with custom authentication


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Hi team,

I need to connect to room for sharing app screen to a web server created room by Room class connection but with customizing authen.
For example I only got wss server and the room id. The website require me to send custom data in the connection as
    "data":[ //(or Connection when connect by Android SDK)
to join to that roomId, and require me to send the authen by "login" (still not sure if it work for the android scenarior).
And base on requirement it's OK when i sent data by using session config with wss server then connect to the new connection with the custom key "login" by
val connection = Connection()
connection.setCustom("login", loginSession)
but I have a question if I want to use the Room class and room.join() to connect to that room. I can see that we can use the current connection and use the session to connect to it but that time, the connection have created, is there any way to config ?

And also in the room config as RoomManagerOptions and RoomOptions, I've seen that its need the "username" for RoomManagerOptions and "setName()" for RoomOptions, I have confuse about these params, is it random by user pick or match with any value in the current room with the account. And if its need to match to the value of the room that I need to connect to, so what is the value it reflex when I use the web connection ? Because I can have the web connection and sharing is works fine, but its need user to login.

So please help and give me some suggestion if its works as the requirement is the best, or any else thing to do to make it work.

For 2nd question, I need the app running in the background and stream for the whole screen or over any app running, but I can see that we need the activity in the FlashPhoner.init(), so can the SDK do the job with service running in the background or any suggestion for this ?

Feel free to comment if you need more infor.

Thank you in advanced


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Good day.
1. RoomApi is already using a custom data when establishing a connection, the data is used to identify a room and a user. Also, RoomApi uses an internal REST hooks based backend, so you should proxy all the hooks to the standard backend if you want to use your own one. Otherwise, RoomApi will not work. So you can either use a custom data or RoomApi.
2. About streaming in background, please see this: Stream publishing from Android application in background mode