1. M

    SIP video call from WCS can't hear audio of audio file was play from SIP server

    Hi admin, I have a call script that is called internal when a sip peer (8001) calls to extensions (999999) it goes to IVR, here will play audio. Then goes to queue (2000), the queue has music on hold (moh). Next connects to sip peer (8000). I tested SIP audio call and the video call does not...
  2. H

    Question about recording video when use Phone Video WebSDK SIP

    Hi, when i use Phone Video SIP I need to record (audio and video or 1 of them). Can WebSDK support function to custom this. And how to setting record this in WCS ... Thanks!
  3. T

    Non root user worked fine. After upgrade we are back to using root.

    A couple of months ago you switched the default startup behavior to use the flashphoner user. "Since build 5.2.801, WCS is starting as service from flashphoner user for better security" https://docs.flashphoner.com/display/WCS52EN/Starting+and+stopping But now on build 5.2.902 we seem to be back...
  4. prakash_123

    Screen Resolution not changing

    Thank you for your response. It was really helpful and working very fine and smoothly. We need one more favor regarding the resolution of the "<video>" tag . We want to stretch the video to full screen in all the devices but whenever we provide the resolution parameters its not accepting it and...
  5. tom-cf

    WebRTC as RTMP re-publishing results in low video quality

    Hello, I'm using WCS to republish WebRTC as RTMP and the resulting video is very low quality. It looks ok in the Flashphoner dashboard/website but when published is unusably pixelated. This happens when using both Chrome on my MacBook Pro and Safari on my iPhone. My download/upload speeds are...
  6. S

    Нет возможности запустить сервер в рабочем состоянии не от юзера root

    Собственно сабж. Переделал systemd конфиг сервиса для запуска не из под суперюзера, выдал права на папки. Сервер запускается, но не может зацепиться за порты. В частности 8444. Удаётся забиндить только: tcp 0 0* LISTEN 18635/java...
  7. rukosenpa

    Failed By ICE timeout

    Good day. I've deployed WCS 5.2.672 server with docker container from docker hub on dedicated server. Can't get any stream, cause error "Failed by ICE timeout." UDP ports are reachable(checked following this guide...
  8. I

    WebRTC SIP Gateway

    Here is what I am trying to accomplish. Could someone tell me if this would be possible. We have an IP PBX system on our enterprise LAN. We currently have physical phones and some SIP client (MicroSIP) for soft phone. With softphone, we have to install on local end users' PCs. We are trying to...