wcs 5.2

  1. D

    RTSP ip camera do not play embed_player

    hi, there Flashphoner user wcs server ip camera play in web browser service specific ip camera do not play flashphoner rest-api request post host/rtsp/find "uri" json but NotFoundException status server error logs check RtspAgent - pool-58-thread-1 audioSdpPort:31014 audioTrack:trackID=1...
  2. F

    rtsp.auth fails to connect

    Hello team. We're running a WebCallServer to embeb some RTSP streams from a couple DVR systems in our management tool. During the tests, from the WCS portal we can reach on the player tool the rtsp steam with the format rtsp://user:pass@dvr_ip:port/h264?device=cam_ip&channel&stream. This is...
  3. M

    change wss default port

    Hi administrator, I'm using WCS version 5.2.1498. I change the default port at file flashphoner.properties with config: wss.port=443 (default 8443) and then restart webcallserver it OK, but I used the command netstat to check port 443 it's not listening. I'm certain port 443 hasn't been...
  4. R

    RTSP stream failed

    Hi, RTSP Streaming is failed using flashphoner Embed Player and Player example on demo site Error as shown in the attachment
  5. R

    WCS Service getting failed

    Hi, When we start WCS service, the service is getting started successfully but after few seconds it's getting failed. When we check the health status through logs as below: [2022-03-30 11:26:36] ERROR start - FlashphonerWebCallServer started, but is not healthy, please try to restart We...
  6. R

    Install WCS without internet connection

    We are trying to install WCS software on Redhat server which doesn't have internet connection. We have installed JAVA and WCS software on redhat server but the webcall server services are getting stopped after starting for few minutes. Please find the logs attached.
  7. R

    Upgrading WCS to new version with Existing License

    Hi, How do we upgrade WCS Server to newer version by keeping same license
  8. McSeemZ

    Как скрыть отображение заглушенных видеостримов (videoMuted) в миксере?

    Добрый день, коллеги! @Max отличный продукт собрали. Но есть вопросы: 1. Для проведения конференций нам надо акцентировать одного из нескольких ведущих, на время скрывая остальных (но оставляя голос). Вопрос в том, как скрыть. Пробовали заглушать видеопоток через /mixer/setAudioVideo, но черный...
  9. Dosan

    Трансляция не работает если запустить стрим через Mac OS.

    Добрый день. Трансляция через Windows и Android работает, а если запустить через Mac OS, IOS не работает. Возможно ли что сертификат блокирует трансляцию.