1. M

    change wss default port

    Hi administrator, I'm using WCS version 5.2.1498. I change the default port at file flashphoner.properties with config: wss.port=443 (default 8443) and then restart webcallserver it OK, but I used the command netstat to check port 443 it's not listening. I'm certain port 443 hasn't been...
  2. Nikhil Pareek

    limit the calls from origin

    HI Team, I current can see that I can make the was and connections to the server from any domain or origin. I want to limit the requests to just my sites and origin. Anyway i can do this?
  3. G

    rest-api/data/send - возвращает 500 "Internal Server Error"

    При попытке отправить data/send приходит 500 ошибка, причем работает через раз. Иногда нормально отправляется и приходит статус 200, а иногда приходит 500 data = { "nodeId": "", "sessionId": session_id, "operationId": "", "payload": {"type": type, "value": data} } res =...
  4. ajaydeep

    I am not able to createstream

    I am working on localhost now , connecting web socket , but on node server , how create Session will established because I don't have any code except web socket on server side Code attached here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KV590R6Ts1-4Z0dM_O3j_6AnX79id-Ng/view?usp=sharing
  5. S

    Flashphoner WebSDK timeout on connection issues (Vue.js webapp)

    Hello -Version: 5.2.780 (Amazon AWS) -WebSDK is 2.0.165 I am building a vue.js webapp and want to generate error messages when trying to connect ty the streaming service in case its not available. I noticed that only after approx. 15-20 seconds i get the state back from the...
  6. T

    Webrtc cannot be shown on ios chrome, safari, android chrome, but on chrome on windows?

    What is the reason? Thanks The testing page is below, but when i test the same rtsp on flashphoner demo site, it is ok. https://server3.teleeye.link/recording/player-min.html https://server3.teleeye.link/recording/player-min.js
  7. M

    WebSocket connection to 'wss://host:8443/' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 302

    I have installed the web call server 5 and its giving the error when connecting to the web socket server i have activated the domain SSL and activated the License and its not working fine i have checked the forum but didn't fine any issue with this error and code. Can anybody please guide me...
  8. appsgenii

    Cross Domain Restriction

    I am using the latest Flashphoner 5.2.859. And I want to restrict only specific domains to add iframe for my live streaming and other domains should be restricted. Please guide how can we do that.
  9. S

    Работа с фонером на устройстве с анонимным прокси.

    Приветствую! Есть проблема: приложение использует android sdk и запускается в приватной сети, с фильтрацией трафика посредством прокси на основе squid. Также был испробован в качестве прокси proxysg. В прокси пропилены дырки для необходимых портов и доменов до flashphoner сервера (wcs, media...
  10. E

    Поддержка basic auth авторизации в Android SDK

    Здравствуйте! Подскажите пожалуйста планируется ли добавление возможности basic auth авторизации в вашем Android SDK, а то в документации нигде нет упоминания об этом? Если планируется, скажите примерные сроки реализации. Спасибо! P.S. Пробовали в версиях,, не работает с URL...
  11. suneel

    Error during WebSocket handshake

    I am facing an issue while connecting to flashphoner websocket, and the issue is described below: WebSocket connection to 'wss://demo.flashphoner.com:8443/' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 403 Please help me with this problem as my webrtc video calling is...
  12. A


    Hello, I am publishing a stream with success and starting a recording; however, I need to add audio tracks after a stream as been published. How can I send a new (remote) SDP to the WebCallServer with the WebSockets API without having to republish the stream altogether? I would like to not...
  13. A

    Android SDK WebsocketNotConnectedException

    We have integrated and published an Android app with WCS Android SDK. We get the following exception in our crashlytics logs. Not able to understand what part of our code is throwing this exception and why org.java_websocket.exceptions.WebsocketNotConnectedException at...
  14. T

    Security problem only on smartphones?

    Hello and thanks in advance for reading, newbie here. Of all the player options I feel more comfortable with the iframe embed because I couldn't get the other ones to work (I tried, and I recognize I must be doing something wrong). Well, currently I'm using this: <iframe...
  15. E


    Добрый день! Скажите, порт 8443 торчит наружу. Он и на веб-морду идет, и на wss. Есть ли какие-то проверенные способы его закрыть. Кто на это наступал уже? Поделитесь опытом.
  16. R


    Hello! We are trying to PULL stream from another WCS server using API. We got 200 CODE return, but stream is not being played. Server A -> StandAlone -> User connect and stream webcam Server B -> PULL stream from server A. How to? We follow the documentation but not works.
  17. P

    SharedObject support

    Hello, FMS/Wowza/etc have a built-in SharedObject functionality to exchange data. Does WCS have a similar model?