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    Hello, I am publishing a stream with success and starting a recording; however, I need to add audio tracks after a stream as been published. How can I send a new (remote) SDP to the WebCallServer with the WebSockets API without having to republish the stream altogether? I would like to not...
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    Android SDK WebsocketNotConnectedException

    We have integrated and published an Android app with WCS Android SDK. We get the following exception in our crashlytics logs. Not able to understand what part of our code is throwing this exception and why org.java_websocket.exceptions.WebsocketNotConnectedException at...
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    Security problem only on smartphones?

    Hello and thanks in advance for reading, newbie here. Of all the player options I feel more comfortable with the iframe embed because I couldn't get the other ones to work (I tried, and I recognize I must be doing something wrong). Well, currently I'm using this: <iframe...
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    Добрый день! Скажите, порт 8443 торчит наружу. Он и на веб-морду идет, и на wss. Есть ли какие-то проверенные способы его закрыть. Кто на это наступал уже? Поделитесь опытом.
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    Hello! We are trying to PULL stream from another WCS server using API. We got 200 CODE return, but stream is not being played. Server A -> StandAlone -> User connect and stream webcam Server B -> PULL stream from server A. How to? We follow the documentation but not works.
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    SharedObject support

    Hello, FMS/Wowza/etc have a built-in SharedObject functionality to exchange data. Does WCS have a similar model?