Security problem only on smartphones?


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Hello and thanks in advance for reading, newbie here.
Of all the player options I feel more comfortable with the iframe embed because I couldn't get the other ones to work (I tried, and I recognize I must be doing something wrong).

Well, currently I'm using this:

<iframe class="responsive-iframe" id='fp_embed_player' src=',Flash,MSE,WSPlayer'></iframe>


The previous iframe works fine on Chrome desktop (although with security issues) but displays an error on Chrome mobile. I am attaching a screenshot.

Thanks so much in advance.

BTW is anyone has an easy and simple player that works on most devices, please feel free to post it and I will use it instead.


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To get this working in mobile browsers, all pages must be secure (https), must have valid domain name and valid SSL certificates imported.

1. Take a valid domain name for your server, i.e.
2. Set DNS A record
3. Purchase SSL certificate for this domain or get a free SSL cert using Letsencrypt.
Once you purchased SSL cert, you have files: domain.crt, domain.key, ca.crt
4. Import purchased certificate files following the instruction

Eventually you have green HTTPS for dashboard https://host:8888 and for websocket wss://host:8443
Check out our demo page how it looks: