1. KaranBhansali91

    Setup two new servers, wss connection is failed

    Hi, We have setup two server mapped domain and uploaded ssl certificate. Can you please check why wss connection is failed. Does 5.2.1261 version support transcoding service ? Regards, Karan Bhansali
  2. R

    Websocket connection failed

    Hi , When i am trying to open websocket connection i am getting following message in console : flashphoner.js:10855 WebSocket connection to 'ws://' failed:
  3. tyagi5011

    How to change default WSS adress in Webrtc as rtmp rebublishing

    I want to change the default wss address in webrtc as rtmp rebublishing because i installed the wcs on another server so i want that adress to be default I checked this method but it is not working. please help. function init_page() { $("#url").val("wss://wcs_address:8443")...
  4. T

    Help with None of MediaProviders available

    I set up a laravel website with a self hosted player but I'm getting this error: None of MediaProviders available But when put the codes to a raw .html page, it works.
  5. I

    WebRTC SIP Gateway

    Here is what I am trying to accomplish. Could someone tell me if this would be possible. We have an IP PBX system on our enterprise LAN. We currently have physical phones and some SIP client (MicroSIP) for soft phone. With softphone, we have to install on local end users' PCs. We are trying to...
  6. lerxstrulz

    Running WCS 5.2 with Reverse Proxy

    Hi, I'm trying WCS on Ubuntu 16.04 (I know 18.04 is recommended) and have verified my java install as well as glibc. I also received my trial license today. I am setting up reverse proxy through apache to WCS so that I don't have to expose the ports to the world (I currently do this with...