1. P

    Can’t stream to YouTube

    Hi we have an issue to stream from flashphoner to YouTube. The other Rtmp output works fine just YouTube does not work.
  2. S

    Issue with YouTube Live Stream

    Hi guys, We are trying to implement YouTube Live Stream using Flashphoner, we followed the documentation mentioned here (, even after setting everything correctly we are not able to see...
  3. alexosh

    Can not push stream to youtube

    I'm just starting with flashphonner. So, using server on AWS 1) to added 2 lines rtmp_transponder_stream_name_prefix= rtmp_transponder_full_url=true 2) created live stream on youtube 3) send POST request to `rtsp/startup` uri...
  4. tyagi5011

    How complete facebook live setup in aws ec2 with web call server.

    i want to restream to facebook live, so for this what lines i need to add in and how can I add the lines in was ec2
  5. tyagi5011

    How can i restream to youtube and facebook.

    I followed the documentation but i did not understand it. and i am not able to find rtmp_transponder_stream_name_prefix=rtmp_ in usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/conf/ Please help me how can I do this. Please guide me how can I restream the video to youtube and...
  6. Y

    Re-Publish YouTube stream using FlashPhoner Server

    Hello Team, I want to re-publish the youtube stream using flashphoner server and then use it in any RMTP. So can you provide me what things I need to do or what setting to implement it? If it is possible on the "flashphoner server", then what are the steps to configure it. Can we need to...
  7. Y

    Can not start transponder Error

    I tried to calling URL ("") I am getting "Can not start transponder Error". request body mention in the Screenshot. Please help me to solve this issue.
  8. Y

    How to stream you tube to flashphoner

    I want to stream from youtube account to flashphoner player using the web application. can provide me step by step procedure so I can integrate in my web application.