Does not work with 4G Mobile connection

Adelino Filho

New Member
Has it any special settings or is it standard lock, to only work with w-fi?
I am trying to test on a mobile with sistem aandroid and 4G connection.
When switched to Wi-Fi it connects normal. When in 4G, do not connect

Ps: I'm testing the "Two-way Streaming"
Which connects via: wss://


Staff member
It should work in 4G too.
At least it works in our 4G and known 4G networks. However it depends on your network provider and set of supported protocols.
Make sure your 4G allows https connection to port 8443.
Try to get a dump from server:
tcpdump tcp port 8443 -w log.pcap
It should display in Wireshark all TCP traffic received on port 8443
If you don't see such traffic, this port can be closed by your network 4G provider.
If so, try to change websocket port: 8443 to 443
service webcallserver restart