Flash fallback not recording in Internet Explorer 11

The recording feature doesn't work in Internet Explorer 11 using the Flash fallback. We've tried the example from the admin panel and we got the same error. When you try to publish the stream, an exception raises and the recording process is unable to start.

Here is a screenshot from the IE JavaScript console with the instruction causing the error. We've tested on several ways and get same result.

We are using the following environment:
  • Windows 8.1
  • Internet Explorer 11
Thanks for your answer.
We changed our implementation script to use API 2.0 version and some issues were fixed. But now a new issue has raised:
We need to delivery the SWF file from a CDN server to avoid copy it into several servers, but when we use an external URL to load SWF file the following error is displayed:

We have tested and can confirm that this issue raises when SWF file is loaded from a different domain than the JavaScript load domain. We placed crossdomain.xml files on both (JavaScript and SWF domains) allowing access from any server but didn't work.

We are using NginX as webserver behind HAProxy if that matters.

Environment example:
HTML File: https://serverA.com/recording.html
JS File: https://serverA.com/flashphoner.js
SWF File: https://serverB.com/media-manager.swf


Staff member
Looks like a cross-domain issue. We are able to reproduce this.
In our test we don't see any cross-domain requests from swf towards the WCS server or domain where the SWF file is deployed. So crossdomain.xml would not be helpful.
We will try to fix it on Flash code level. I will keep you informed.