Performance of WSPlayer in Chrome and Firefox browsers


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Hi, we have issues with Chrome and Firefox using the WS Player. It utilizes a lot of memory. How can we fix that?


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The WS Player was designed for iOS Safari browser only and is not tested carefully with Chrome.
Currently we have two versions of WS Player

1) WS Player 1
You can see this player on our old demo page:

2) WS Player 2
This player works on the new demo page if WebRTC or Flash technologies are not available. So it will work in iOS Safari out of the box.
The WS Player 2 was optimized and should consume less memory.
The WS Player 2 should work properly in Chrome browser.

By default, this example uses WebRTC playback.
You can force WSPlayer (Websocket player) playback using such initialization setting:
preferredMediaProvider: "WSPlayer"
You have to pass this parameter during API initialization.
Example for demo-script player.js


As you can see, we import WSPlayer2 scripts and we force WSPlayer2 usage over WebRTC.
So we have configured the demo Player to work in Websocket mode.

WebRTC is more suitable for browsers such Google Chrome and Firefox and that's why WebRTC media provider is used by default instead of WSPlayer2.